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Blue Hawk Records to Release“Back on Track” Full-Length Album

Back and better than ever is the Blue Hawk Records team, with their upcoming release of “Back on Track”! This semester marks Blue Hawk’s 19th compilation, and while usually it involves an EP, this is the first time ever that Blue Hawk Records is releasing a full-length, 8-track album!

“Back on Track” captures the essence of a fresh start, and the possibilities that lie ahead. Blue Hawk Records is thrilled to be returning to the studio and even hosting some live events for the first time in over a year.

This new album includes eight completely original songs, by eight incredibly talented artists. Four of these artists are sophomore music industry majors who are no strangers to songwriting. Abby Garcia will be recording with Blue Hawk Records for a second time. Her original song, “Silver Linings” is featured on Blue Hawk Records’ 17th compilation album, “Reviver.” JADE. is an independent alternative rock artist, and her song “Waste Forever” will be on the upcoming

Blue Hawk Records project. Singer/songwriter Danny O’Grady is a musician with experience in playing the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. “Back on Track” will be featuring his song titled, “The Friendzone.” Finally, Kid Ace is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who has a remarkable 45 songs (and counting) already released. In addition to these artists, four others are included in this impressive lineup and will be featured on the album.

Though Blue Hawk Records has been working for about half of a semester, things are coming together quickly and efficiently. General manager Samantha Jordan is very excited about the process so far. “Even though we are only a few weeks in, we’ve already come such a long way in the creative process, and it’s been so exciting to start to see everything fall into place!” Jordan said. “The artists that will be featured were so enjoyable to watch at auditions, and I am confident in the fact that others will see the same ambition, creativity, and raw talent that we saw in them.”

All of the artists are unique with their own signature style, making this upcoming album one that can appeal to everyone, from pop fans, to rap fans, to country fans and beyond. Jordan added, “Not only did our artists show these qualities in the audition room, but they have continued to prove themselves throughout the process so far, which only makes me more excited to see the final outcome and response!”

The Blue Hawk team has been working both in-class and outside of class for the past several weeks on this album. They have put together a team of graphic designers, A&R representatives/managers, social media promoters, and more to contribute to making “Back on Track” the best album it can be.

Coming up soon for the Blue Hawk team is a handful of recording sessions at Lakehouse Recording Studios. The artists, along with their managers and students with music production expertise, have been working to construct demos of each track. With a complete idea of what is required for each song, Blue Hawk Records will be spending a few weeks at Lakehouse to record the album’s exciting content.

Blue Hawk Records is halfway through the process of creating their first full-length album, “Back on Track”. The team and artists are hard at work perfecting the songs and preparing for time in the studio. It has been over a year since Blue Hawk Records has both met and recorded music together in person, and now is the time for an epic comeback.
Be sure to keep an eye out, because the 19th compilation will be available on Dec. 10. Plus, there will be a live release show (more details to be announced soon)! Blue Hawk Records is “Back on Track”, and they are looking forward to sharing this album with the world!