This Season’s Most Engaging Anime

Are you interested in watching anime? Or do you watch it during your free time? Or maybe you have heard about it and might watch it in the near future?

If so, there’s so many genres that you might be interested in!

Some genres include horror, comedy, action, and, adventure, romance. A really popular genre is fighting, or “shonen”, as it is most often called in Japan, where most well known anime originated from.

Fighting anime are most noted for their suspenseful plots and outstanding animations that allow watchers to become frequently engaged with the storyline, characters, and the next episodes.

There are some very exciting anime out this season, to be exact. There are two major anime that are often heard about and are highly rated for being one of the best anime in history for their amazing storyline, plot twists, character adaptations, and animation.

These anime are Demon Slayer, who recently finished their second season, and Attack on Titan, who is currently on their fourth and final season.

Firstly, Demon Slayer, or the Japanese version, Kimetsu no Yaiba is an action, adventure, and dark fantasy based anime where a lot of fighting takes place between demons and humans.

The main character, Tanjiro Kamado fights as a “demon slayer” and goes on an action packed journey in order to turn his demon transformed sister Nezuko back into a human.

Of course this task isn’t easy and he has a long journey ahead and so he partners up with Zenitsu Agatsuma, who is a lighting style demon slayer, and Inosuke Hashibira, who uses his own sword style to fight off demons.

The story advances to where they have to travel to various places of Japan and fight against demons while also meeting strong demon slayers who are known as the “pillars”, or Hashira as stated in Japanese who also help the group defeat demons throughout the show.

This anime comes with a lot of excitement and engagement with the spectacular animations that are adapted as the plot advances into the big fights.

Demon Slayer currently has two seasons, along with a third season coming out sometime next year, and a movie out, which are all very good and highly recommended to watch!

Secondly is Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin as it’s referred to in Japanese.

This action, horror, drama, and apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic based anime has a different and more appealing turn where it takes place in a time where humans have to survive and fight against big, tall monsters called titans.

They are in constant struggle for survival as the years go on while also trying to find the origins of which titans came from and how to end the continuous war that had been going on for centuries.

The story is set in the perspective of Eren Jeager, whose life is turned upside down when series of events occur to him as a kid, and decides to join the “Survey Corps,” a military-like organization that fight against the deadly titans in order to protect the citizens and keep everyday life as normal as possible.

He also has close companions and childhood friends, Armin and Mikasa who also join the Survey Corps and fight alongside him.

Their goal is to save humanity and figure out how to stop the titans once and for all, and throughout the show they meet a variety of interesting characters and a series of events take place as the plot thickens the deeper you get into the show.

There are a lot of turns of events that bring watchers to the edge of their seats and make them look forward to the next episode. There are currently four seasons out, and is also highly recommended to watch!

Feeling intrigued or curious after hearing about the top animes of this season?

Feel free to check them out or even binge watch all of the seasons, it’ll be worth it. Maybe even mention it to friends and they might be interested as well. Entertainment can be a unifying event between loved ones, to increase quality time and therefore better our mental health! Enjoy this season’s top anime, Demon Slayer or Attack on Titan.