Springtime is Here!

It’s officially springtime! This is the season of fresh beginnings, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into that energy to shift your mentality away from the drab winter blues. Instead, focus on the revitalizing energy of spring.

The joys of spring provide a plethora of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the awakening of nature. After slogging through the short winter days and long cold nights, we can find solace in the newly dawning spring. As the new spring buds bloom, allow yourself to relax in the sun.

Longer days, sunnier nights, and all the flowers planted by the University makes spring the perfect time to be on campus and enjoying the weather with good friends.

Sunlight is beneficial because it boosts the release of serotonin in the brain, making us happier, according to Healthline. Healthline also mentioned that during the day, sunshine lowers melatonin levels, while it is boosted at night, which improves sleep. Sunlight is also a great deterrent for Seasonal Affective Disorder, so get out in the sun and photosynthesize your worries away.

For the general public, this season can be a great reminder that having a good time does not necessitate spending money. Instead, spring encourages more outdoor activities such as festivals, picnics with friends or family, and even outdoor fitness such as hiking, jogging, and bicycling.

As reported by, the Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival will occur this year for the 46th time. Attendees may get up close and personal with the park’s more than 5,200 trees, as well as participate in a series of festival activities that run until April 10.

Naomi Louis, a sophomore psychology student, is enthralled with cherry blossoms, a symbol of spring, renewal, and the transitory nature of life. She said, “My favorite part of spring is getting to see these cherry blossoms because they are one of a kind.” Making a day out of going to view the cherry blossoms is a perfect way to spend a pleasant spring day. Picnicking under the blossoms really reaffirms the presence of natural beauty.

You could also use some of your renewed “spring energy” to go out and help clean up some of our local beauty. You could join one of New Jersey’s many volunteer litter cleanup groups, or even just arrange to do your own beach sweep with friends to help keep our state beautiful and get ready for summer.

Spring also brings more opportunities to style one’s favorite outfits. According to the fashion blog “Just the Design,” the best outfits for this season should include a light jacket, your favorite T-shirt, and cropped trousers.

Chrismäelie An, a sophomore business student, said, “I love spring because I can be creative with my outfits.” A new season means new clothing, and many people can share this excitement of putting together new fashionable attire.

By its very nature, spring encourages one to let go of the old and make place for the new. From more sunlight to outdoor activities to fashionable clothing, this season may just have it all. This year around, make sure to make the most of that springtime vigor, and find what makes the season special to you!