Fall Fashion Trends to Expect in 2022

As the cold months are quickly approaching, new styles accompany the drop in temperature. You may not feel mentally prepared to make that closet switch and retire your beloved tanks for the next six months, but the morning frost and crisp night wind are a signal to transition those crop-tops and shorts to chunky cable-knits and jeans.

Although there are a few fall staples we can confidently rely on year-to-year, every new season has its own unique trends, many of which are displayed on Monmouth’s campus. The endless revolving door of styles makes it difficult to know what’s “in,” but the predictions for this fall season’s must-haves are out, drawing heavy inspiration from the past couple of decades.

Yes, you heard me right— it’s time to go back to your childhood wardrobe and remind yourself why you should have never donated that article of clothing or accessory in the first place.

While styles come and go, there are consistent trends that are commonly associated with fall, making them closet essentials every season. Dark colors and neutrals often make their debut, with the added emphasis on browns, creams, dark greens, and berry colors. Similarly, people often incorporate classic patterns like plaid and argyle into many of their fall pieces to get into the spirit of the season.

Every fall season features items like sweaters, jeans, and boots, giving people that classic fall style while also bracing for the cold weather ahead.

Sophomore English student, Taylor Memoli, said, “I’d say my favorite fall fashion trend is flannels. I love fall, and nothing defines this season more than a flannel. They are so cozy and appropriate for every outfit.”

Adriana Simancas, a junior marine and environmental biology and policy student, added, “I feel like chunky knit sweaters are one of my favorite classic fall trends. They are always pretty much in.”

While some pieces are practically guaranteed a spot in everyone’s wardrobe, the way in which the clothes are styled is always changing. This fall, Vogue predicted that the season’s fashion will go back to the basics with clean, tailored looks. They expect that the “preppy style” will be back in full swing this fall but with a more casual take.

Additionally, people are dressing down their outfits by pairing business apparel—such as trench coats, pencil skirts, and button-downs—with casual pieces. For example, people are pairing blazers over mini-skirts and dresses to achieve an effortless yet stylish look. Vogue has even given the title of “must-have wardrobe staple” for this fall season to suit vests, recommending that one pair them with matching trousers.

Simancas agreed, “I can definitely see suit vests being popular this season. They were pretty common last year, and I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them on social media.”

Collegiate cardigans and cable-knits are also making a resurgence this fall to achieve that preppy look while staying warm.

Some styles that people considered off trend only recently are making big comebacks this fall. Forbes is predicting that some of the clothing items returning this season include oversized puffer vests, cargo pants, clogs, and button-down vests. Pieces like yoga pants and low-rise jeans, popularized in the early 2000s, as well as full leather looks from the 90s have also made a major resurgence on social media.

Memoli continued, “This fall, I think Uggs will [be] back in style, especially those Ugg slippers. I’ve seen a few people bring back the old Ugg boots, and I’ve been thinking of looking for mine again, too.”

As new trends roll in, old ones roll out. Vogue predicts that pleated miniskirts, long cardigans, and lounge sets will take the back burner this season as new styles take center stage. Even trends that are normally heavily associated with fall seem as though they are at the end of their run.

Breanna Guinta, a junior fine arts student, commented, “I feel what would be ‘out’ this fall are beanies. I never see people wear them much anymore.”

Skinny jeans, another trend popularized for years, has also appeared to have made its way out.

Simancas expressed, “I haven’t seen a lot of people wearing [skinny jeans] over the past couple of years since wide leg jeans have become so popular.”

Although people place high importance on staying on trend, it’s also important to remember that trends change. It’s almost impossible to keep up with every new update. While staying on top of trends can be fun, it’s also important for people to remember to wear whatever makes them comfortable this fall season.