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Professor Deepak, Ph.D., Named Academic of the Year

Monmouth University’s Anne Deepak, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the School of Social Work, was named Academic of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers-New Jersey chapter (NASW-NJ).

Deepak began teaching at Monmouth University in 2014. As a practitioner, her work primarily related to helping homeless families and individuals living with HIV and AIDS. In addition to her professorship and field experience, Deepak is presently serving her second term working with the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General Prosecutors and Supervision & Training Bureau on a required cultural diversity and de-escalation training for police officers throughout the state.

Deepak appeared in the Fall/Winter 2022 issue of Monmouth’s magazine in an article titled, “Teaching the Tough Topics,” honoring her latest accomplishment.

Robin Mama, Ph.D., MSW, LSW, Dean and Professor of the School of Social Work, said, “Deepak very well deserved this award because when she first taught in the doctorate of Social Work, students were impressed with the content of the class and the depth of knowledge she brought into the classroom.”

Mama continued, “Along with Dr. Ralph Cuseglio, Deepak has co-chaired Growing Together As Allies (GTAAs) Committee. With her scholarship focused on the development and application of postcolonial feminist work to social issues, the impact of international volunteers on NGO’s in the Global South, and the examination of the delivery of social justice and diversity content in social work education, she is an excellent teacher.” Deepak also represented the New York Team at the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) held by the United Nations.

Ralph Cuseglio, DSW, LCSW, Associate Professor of the School of Social Work, further lauded Deepak’s experience, “Dr. Deepak demonstrates herself as a ‘champion of justice.’ She is the genuine article, and she walks the walk.”

Cuseglio continued, “We work closely as co-chairs of GTAA. To me, Anne is the heart of GTAA; without her knowledge, dedication, and motivation, we would not have made the strides we have.”

“It is vital for students to learn how systematic challenges, barriers, and injustices impact the mental health of the marginalized and oppressed populations that they will work with every day. Our students are fortunate enough to have a professor who is an accomplished scholar and an expert in this area of social work practice,” concluded Cuseglio.