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LHBS’s MBA Program Listed in the Princeton Review

As reported by The Princeton Review, the University’s Leon Hess Business School (LHBS) is home to one of the leading Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) programs in the nation.

According to Raj Devasagayam, Ph.D., the honor exemplifies the effort of the faculty, “The Leon Hess Business School Faculty are the very foundation of the excellence our undergraduate and graduate programs deliver. Our faculty collaborates with businesses in harmonious unity to ensure that the School provides a stellar education for its learners through a curriculum that is current and relevant.”

Monmouth’s MBA program has maintained its presence on this academic roster for 18 consecutive years.

“As a faculty member, I am pleased to be a part of what seems to be a success story, but we must continue to work hard to attract the best and brightest students and faculty,” emphasized Douglas Stives, MBA, CPA, Specialist Professor for the Department of Accounting.

He continued, “One of the strengths of the Leon Hess Business School is our use of specialist professors and adjuncts who work in business and provide a practical point of view to teaching, which blends nicely with the theoretical approach brought to us by our Ph.Ds.”

Jonathan Daigle, MBA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Program Director of the LHBS’s MBA Program, concurs with Stives, “Monmouth prides itself on personalized education that encourages business as a force for good, and it is evident the LHBS faculty have continued to deliver on these ideals.”

Nancy McGrath, MBA student and Co-President of Monmouth’s Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society chapter, agreed, “The success of Monmouth’s MBA program is attributable to the faculty and staff who are passionate about improving the education of Monmouth Students. They have created many opportunities for us to excel both in the classroom and beyond. I’m proud to be a student of the Leon Hess Business School.”

She elaborated, “Being a student here feels more like having a second family. Especially as a 5-year MBA student, I have been through most of my undergrad, and now all of my grad classes, with the same group of people. It has created a welcoming environment for me in all my classes and given me friendships and connections that I know will last well beyond my time at Monmouth. Aside from fellow classmates, I have found all of my professors to be great academic resources and motivators. I will forever be grateful for their dedication to the MBA program and its students.”

Erin Gilsenan, MBA student and Graduate Assistant to the Leon Hess Business School, discusses her hopes for the program moving forward. “Businesses rely heavily on data and research nowadays, so more courses geared towards enhancing those skills and abilities might be a good step for the MBA program. Since I am on the data analytics MBA track, the analytical skills I’ve gained from certain courses are invaluable that all students can learn from.”

“Earning an advanced degree could qualify students for higher positions within their field of work, which can be a gateway to a new career,” added Simrat Sandhu, MBA student and Graduate Assistant to the Leon Hess Business School.

Devsagayam continued, “The LHBS is committed to providing personalized education to promote business as a force for good. The accomplishment of being include among the best schools in Princeton Review is a third-party recognition of our commitment to our learners.”

Stives prompted, “Do we deserve the ranking? Yes, of course, why not? Most of us work hard and in today’s academic world with shrinking supplies of students, we need to continue to grow and improve.”