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Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society Hosts Spring Induction

Monmouth’s Phi Eta Sigma (PES) National Freshman Honor Society chapter held its spring induction ceremony for new members on Friday, March 3 at Pollak Theatre.

The honor society is a leadership organization that specifically honors freshmen in institutions of higher education.

According to Nancy Mezey, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the Honors School, this semester the society inducted 77 new students. During the ceremony, the students were accompanied by their friends and family.

“The Phi Eta Sigma ceremony is a great way to celebrate our first-year students’ academic achievements. The event allows us to formally recognize the inductees in a gathering of students, family, friends, faculty, and administrators,” explained Mezey. “In addition to seeing the student leaders of Phi Eta Sigma run the ceremony, Dean Raj Devasagayam provided wonderful words of wisdom in his address to the inductees, which made the evening that much more special.”

Raj Devasagayam, Ph.D., Dean of the Leon Hess Business School, delivered the keynote address.
“It was an absolute delight to honor students who have established academic excellence in their first semester at Monmouth University. It was also a delight to meet the parents, friends, and family who have supported these learners to achieve this honor. These students have already shown a commitment to academic excellence and a dedication to their education that will serve them well throughout their college career and beyond,” reflected Devasagayam.

In addition to his speech, each executive board member of PES spoke about the values that the society upholds.

Kaitlyn Welsh, Historian for PES and sophomore business student, expanded, “With the in-person formal induction ceremony, we were able to explain the responsibilities and qualities that come with being a member.”

“My hope for the new inductees is that they continue to carry with them the personal qualities that Phi Eta Sigma emphasizes: vigor and discipline of mind; care and respect for the body; and nobility and generosity of character,” added Mezey.

Welsh continued, “Being a part of PES has allowed me to not only better my resume, but I was able to go to the convention in Birmingham, Alabama this past fall. I attended seminars about being a leader and student, as well as met students from across the country who were also members of PES at their school. I am excited to attend a similar convention this coming fall in Ohio to strengthen my qualities as an honors student and leader.”

In order to be invited to join PES, first-year students need to earn at least a 3.5 GPA in their first semester of college.

Emily Pawelek, President of PES and senior business student, elaborated on the advantages of being a chapter member, “PES offers a lifetime membership and networking opportunities with high-achieving students from across the country. Students who join are becoming a part of the oldest honor society in the country.”

Golam Mathbor, Ph.D., MSW, Professor for the School of Social Work, emphasized, “This is their first semester at the university, and it is a huge transition from high school to university. They have already demonstrated their leadership qualities in combination with competence and character by achieving an excellent GPA in their first semester at Monmouth.”

He remarked, “I hope that they will continue maintaining this academic excellence in their future career here at Monmouth and beyond.”