How to Prepare for a Concert

Have you booked up your summer to see your favorite artists and shows? While concerts are exciting nights full of fun and memories, it’s crucial to prepare so that you have everything you’ll need for the best night possible.

Whether you’re at a stadium or an outdoor venue, many places require you to bring a clear bag if it’s bigger than a small belt bag. Bringing a small crossbody bag, belt bag, or wristlet are usually best because they hold most concert essentials and make it easy to jump around and dance. Amazon has various options for clear crossbody bags or belt bags. Most arenas or venues have their bag guidelines on their website, so definitely check those out before your event.

Olivia Cutaia, a sophomore health studies student, explained, “My top five concert must-haves are my tickets, my phone or camera to capture the memories, a debit card to buy merchandise or food, a bag to carry it all, and a blanket if it’s outside.”

Always double check that you have your wallet with you before leaving for a concert. Make sure you pack your license for ticket pick-up or age-restricted venues, a credit or debit card, and cash. You should also consider setting up Apple or Google Pay on your phone to make any payment processes easier and to avoid the risk of losing any of your cards.

A portable charger is another essential if your phone battery drains quickly or you love to live stream and post every song you hear. Consider a portable charger that doubles as a protective case so you don’t have to struggle with wires while using your phone.

Some extra items to pack in your bag include a camera, a hair tie, lip balm, band-aids, and hand sanitizer.

The most important item in your bag is your tickets. Many venues now offer online tickets, which allow you to keep your tickets on your phone through an app (like Ticketmaster) or in your email.

A festival requires a slightly different set of items than a concert typically does. Be sure to bring a towel or blanket to sit on between sets. A reusable water bottle is also useful at a festival, as many venues have water filling stations to make it easier for guests to stay hydrated. You should also bring some small snacks like granola bars or chips to stay feeling your best, especially being in the sun all day long. Don’t forget some sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Planning outfits for concerts and festivals is also a fun way to prepare for your event. While having a cute and on-theme outfit to wear is exciting, don’t forget to dress comfortably— shoes are key! Also take into consideration the venue of the event, like whether it will be indoors or outdoors, to decide what to wear.

Kaitlin Chillemi, a sophomore education student, added, “A good leather pant is a great base for starting out an outfit. They can stretch for dancing through the night and can be dressed up for a going out look.”

Depending on the venue or event, arrive early before the concert starts. Doing this ensures you get a good spot in line to check in, are able to find your seats early, and can get a full layout of the venue and know where bathrooms and merch stands are located. If you’re attending a festival that spans over a couple of days, don’t forget to prepare your driving and hotel plans in advance to make your trip go smoothly.

Above all, stay safe and have a good time at any concerts you go to this summer! They create some great memories that you can look back on forever.