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A Message from FAMCO

Dear Monmouth University Students, Administrators, Faculty, and Staff:

We, the faculty at Monmouth University, have a fundamental mission: to educate, inspire, and empower every Monmouth University student to pursue their dreams and aspirations. As educators, it’s our passion to guide students on their academic journeys, helping them become the best version of themselves. However, there is a matter that we believe is essential for students to know about, as it directly impacts not just us but also the quality of education they receive.

The MU faculty union (FAMCO) is currently negotiating with the Monmouth University administration on how much professors will need to pay for their healthcare benefits each month. These negotiations are critical as the financial health of our faculty is inextricably linked to the quality of education we provide.
When the educators who devote their lives to teaching, mentoring, and supporting students are financially strained, it inevitably influences our ability to excel in our roles. These rising healthcare costs can translate into personal financial hardships, which can, in turn, divert our focus and energy away from our primary duty—educating and enriching students’ lives.

We understand that managing institutional expenses is a complex task, but it’s crucial that our cherished students hear the implications of these financial challenges. It’s not just about us; it’s about the remarkable education we provide you.

In response to these challenges, we have requested a fair and reasonable solution from the institution: to freeze health insurance premiums for one more year, while also protecting the long-term sustainability of the health plans we know Monmouth employees need and deserve.
FAMCO’s proposal to stabilize faculty healthcare costs for 2024 while also protecting the sustainability of our preferred plans is extremely affordable. Using the university’s own data, freezing monthly health insurance costs for ALL employees next year would cost the University less than $100,000. By its own budgeting decisions, the university has demonstrated that it can afford to do the right thing to protect the health and economic well-being of its employees without forcing us to choose between unfair rate hikes on one hand and threats to the quality of our health benefits on the other. We call on President Leahy to reach a swift and fair settlement with FAMCO immediately so we can continue to focus our energies on the essential work of serving our students.

In supporting our proposal for a fair and affordable solution, you are standing up for the quality of education that this institution has consistently provided. It’s not just a matter of economics; it’s about the dedication and devotion that we bring to our classrooms every day.

Together, students and faculty are an integral part of the educational ecosystem, and students’ support can make a significant difference in this matter. The freeze on health insurance premiums, and the protection of our high quality health plans, is not just a financial concern; it’s an investment in the excellence of education that you receive.

So, as students who benefit from the guidance and wisdom of your faculty, we invite you to stand alongside us in solidarity. Together, we can ensure that the quality of your education remains uncompromised.

Dr. Bluemel, English
Dr. Brzycki, History and Anthropology
Prof. Cipriani, World Languages and Cultures
Prof. Cox, Communication
Dr. Dzenko, Art and Design
Dr. Jodry, Professional Counseling
Dr. Lackman, Health and Physical Education
Dr. McGovern, Political Science and Sociology
Dr. O’Halloran, Economics, Finance, and Real Estate
Prof. Papapietro, Physician Assistant Program
Dr. Starke, English