College and Coffee

When on a college campus, it is almost guaranteed that you will walk by a student who has a cup of coffee in their hands. This beverage is not only consumed for pure enjoyment, but as most already know, coffee also helps people stay alert and energized throughout the day. This is exactly why I believe that coffee is a secret to success in college classrooms and should be offered for free at colleges and universities around the country, including Monmouth University.

Throughout the entirety of my freshman year, I never had a cup of coffee before my early classes. Furthermore, I definitely had days where I did not feel as focused and ready, especially on my busiest days of classes, homework, and trying to be social. It would all simply wear me out. During sophomore year, my schedule got even more draining, so I gave coffee a try and realized I was missing out big time.

For the past year, I drank coffee before my classes when I felt tired, and I can definitely say that I have felt more awake and ready to learn in the classroom since doing so. Not only do I like the taste, but the caffeine in coffee helps increase my attention span. This is of the most vital importance in college because if you can’t pay attention, you are automatically putting yourself at a disadvantage in the classroom.

Other Monmouth University students feel similar about coffee. Stephen Pastorelli, a junior health and exercise science student said, “I feel like having coffee in the morning or before class does make a difference in both my day as well as academics. I feel focused and motivated to go to class, do homework, study for tests, and more.”

Tiago Ribeiro, a sophomore political science student added, “With coffee, it does make a difference because it is something I look forward to every morning.”

It is clear that people see the positive effects of coffee, otherwise, they wouldn’t be so adamant about getting it before a big day of classes or even a day in the office.

With all of this being said, unfortunately, coffee is not as easy to access as it could and should be at Monmouth. There are only a few spots on campus where you could buy a cup of coffee. The most popular one among students probably is the Dunkin Donuts located in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.

Since this specific Dunkin Donuts is one of only a few spots students could buy coffee on campus, a lot of the time it is pretty busy so the line is too long for students who are simply trying to get a cup of coffee before class. Also, even if you wait in line, you will be paying over three dollars for just one small cup of coffee. Considering these factors and how the general public knows how coffee helps students academically, Monmouth should offer free coffee around academic buildings to help their students.

Students already pay a lot of money just to attend Monmouth, so it makes sense for the school to help out their students and invest a small amount of their finances into simple household items such as a Keurig Coffee Maker and cups for each academic building. This would allow students to have easier access to coffee and, most importantly, be able to bring the most potential they can to the classroom.

Pastorelli was asked about this idea and said, “I agree with that. I do think Monmouth University should invest in a way to improve access to coffee around campus. Dunkin is in

the Student Center, but with the increasing prices of everything, spending three to five dollars on a cup of coffee every day is ridiculous. Maybe putting Keurig pod machines in the lobby of each building would make students motivated to go to class and reach their academic goals.”

Monmouth offers free coffee in the school’s library during midterms and finals, but these coffee machines should be in each academic building year-round.