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Delicious Coffee Orders to Try This Season 

As a former Dunkin’ Donuts employee, I know a thing or two about coffee. With our very own Dunkin’ and Parson’s Café located on campus, you have the perfect opportunity to order a variety of drinks to get you through the semester and embrace the changing seasons. Try these different orders to find your go-to drink and brighten your Monmouth morning!  

The Dunkin’ app features many members’ exclusive items you absolutely have to try. Are you in the mood for chai this morning? Then try Dunkin’s secret Pumpkin Chai Latte. Here’s how to order: ask for an iced or hot chai latte with your choice of milk and two pumps of Dunkin’s Pumpkin Spice swirl. 

Not into chai? How about my personal favorite: the Nutty Pumpkin iced coffee. It includes the customer-favorite pumpkin spice swirl and hazelnut shots. Of course, you can pair this with your choice of dairy or drink it black.  

This past Wednesday, Nov. 1, Dunkin’ just released their new holiday beverage line-up! Are you a fan of gingerbread spice? The Spiced Cookie iced coffee provides just that for your taste buds. The first sip will flood your mouth with a motherload of flavors, but at the same time, it’s not too overwhelmingly sweet! 

Madison Fairhurst, a freshman psychology major, commented, “My order now that the holiday drinks are back is a drink I customized on my own, which is a medium iced coffee with the white chocolate swirl and almond milk. I really enjoy the way the white chocolate and almond milk flavors mix together. It almost tastes like I’m having a sweet cookie.” 

Another place to get your coffee fix is at Parson’s Café, located on the first floor of the Great Hall. It has many different flavor combinations and ways to customize your drinks that you might not have thought of. 

When you walk up to the counter, the lovely ladies of Parson’s Café are there to greet you and put some TLC (tender loving care) into your drinks. This month’s specials include the caramel apple pie alamode coffee, with your choice of milk, topped with vanilla sweet cold foam. The second drink is the macadamia nut latte, with your choice of milk, and other sweet add-ins, such as whipped cream.  

One of Parson’s baristas, Jen, remarked, “These drinks are a wonderful festive delight that you should try!” 

How about if coffee is not your favorite? Carly Gyongyosi, a freshman psychology major, said, “I really like stopping into Parson’s to get a tea refresher or a coffee before heading to my English class in the Great Hall!” Parson’s tea refresher has a hibiscus base with strawberry and raspberry flavoring, creating a delicious blend of brisk, revitalizing flavors. 

Shadya Zapata, a biology major, added that her go-to Parson’s order is their vanilla chai latte paired with a blueberry muffin. She explained, “I always think about maybe trying something new, but each time I fall and cave into getting their delicious chai. I ask the sweet, caring employee at Parson’s for a chai latte with vanilla and oat milk, and from there they work their magic, creating the most delicious chai I’ve ever had. I think my favorite part is when they ask me to try it, and my eyes light up and I thank them. Hearing, ‘You’re very welcome, sweet pea,’ makes me feel so comforted.” 

Now that you have many drink options to choose from, don’t be afraid to walk into Dunkin’ or Parson’s and order these yummy, fantastic drinks that will surely make your day a little brighter!