Everything is Not What It Seems, Or Is It?: “Wizards of Waverly Place” Reboot

“Wizards of Waverly Place” was a Disney Channel original show that rose Selena Gomez to fame. In the show, she portrayed Alex Russo, the relatable younger sister trying to find her way in the world and her family as a witch. Her older brother is played by David Henrie, and she struggles to measure up to his perfect image and family’s approval. Her best friend Harper, played by Jennifer Stone, keeps her company as she gets into crazy adventures.

Although gaining prominence among shows like “Hannah Montana,” it went off the air in January 2012. After its end, this style of sitcom slowly vanished from Disney Channel screens soon after as these stars grew up and so did their audiences.

“The 2000s were a golden era for Disney and, in turn, for many of our households — producing some of the most iconic and beloved shows that still hold a special place in our hearts,” states Inside the Magic.
On January 18, Henrie made an announcement, on Tiktok, while utilizing the spooky theme song from the final seasons. “2024, the year magic comes back,” Henrie wrote.

Henrie will star in each episode while working behind the scenes, and Gomez will reportedly be in the pilot. Their parents in the show, played by David DeLuise and Maria Canals-Barrera, will also be part of the reboot.

Gomez has often praised her co-stars since the show has been off air and has shared her frustration that she shut them off amidst trying to grow out of the Disney mold on a podcast hosted by Stone and DeLuise. However, the joy and connection she shared with her TV family holds strong as per her reboot announcement made on Instagram with a picture of them all smiling. These themes of family and identity will also be carried into the new reboot.

“Per the outlet, the new series will show Justin living a normal life away from the Wizard World. Following a mysterious incident at WizardTech, a powerful young wizard named Billie needs training and seeks Justin’s help. However, the now-adult Justin is living life as a human with his wife and kids. Now, he has to revisit his past to help the new wizard learn the ropes,” Hollywood Life states.

Considering that Justin and Alex’s dad chose to leave his powers behind to start a life with his normal wife, it will be interesting to see what Henrie has in store for Justin in this next chapter.