Pickup Lines: In or Out?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hawks! Did you fall from heaven? Because you’re the only ten I see… or however it goes.

In honor of this very special holiday, the editors thought it was fitting to discuss one of the top issues that plague the college dating world: pickup lines.

Pickup lines are prepared remarks—usually considered “witty,” “funny,” or “romantic”—that are utilized to initiate a conversation with someone of romantic interest. However, how often is this type of communication tactic actually used? When asked if they use pickup lines when starting a conversation, most of the editors were quick to say, “Absolutely not.”

One editor explained this was the case because, “I can never think of anything witty enough, so I usually just walk up and start talking. I love it when other people use pickup lines on me, though.”

“I don’t normally use pickup lines when initiating conversation with someone,” added another editor. “If I’m interested in a girl, I would only try a pickup line if I kept talking to the person. But, when first getting to know them, I try to steer away from pickup lines.”

While pickup lines can be fun, there is an appropriate time and place for everything. One editor noted, “It really depends on how long you have known the person and the context around what you are saying to determine if a pickup line is appropriate.”

Another example of an inappropriate way of communicating with a potential partner is catcalling, which is often confused with pickup lines. Catcalling is a form of harassment that consists of unwanted, demeaning, and usually sexual comments made publicly to another individual. “Catcalling is absolutely inappropriate and only makes girls feel violated, rather than flattered,” said one editor. “If you’re going to use a pickup line on a girl, don’t yell it out of your car while driving by or while she’s walking and minding her own business outside.”

So when is it appropriate to use pickup lines? One editor said, “If you’re having fun and you can laugh about it, sure, go ahead and use it.” In other words, it’s appropriate to use pickup lines when they are polite, non-aggressive, and wanted.

Another issue with pickup lines is that they are often viewed as “outdated.” “I think pickup lines are definitely outdated and most of the time demeaning. There are so many other things you can say to a person,” said one editor.

Another editor slightly disagreed. “It depends on the pick up line. I don’t believe they are outdated, but it also depends on what a person is saying,” they said.

Now, let’s discuss some of our editors’ real-life pickup line experiences.

“Once someone said to me, ‘Are you ok? I heard a queen died,’ right after the death of Queen Elizabeth. I mean it definitely made me laugh, but not in the sense that I was laughing with him (if you know what I mean),” reminisced one editor.

“It’s kind of funny; I can’t remember a time when a pickup line was effective, but I can remember every time that it wasn’t effective (or just downright offensive and demeaning),” another edior recounted distastefully. “There was one time when my friend and I were walking down the street in LBI in our bikini tops. Someone drove by, leaned out of the window, and yelled, ‘Nice t*ts!’ at us. We were even with another guy, too. Needless to say that neither of us felt complimented.”

On a lighter note, one editor actually had a successful pickup line experience. They said, “A pickup line that I used in the past, and that actually worked, was from a song that I knew the girl I was interested in had listened to and liked a lot. A verse in the song was ‘I just wanna know if you would catch me if I fall and then I just might risk it all.’ The pickup line I used was, ‘If you ever fell I would always catch you, so I hope you will risk it all with me.’”

Lastly, here are the editors suggestions if you want to use a pickup line this Valentine’s season.

“My favorite pickup line is, ‘If I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you I’d only have one,’” said one editor.

Another editor suggested, “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.”

However, be warned, not everyone will be flattered by these “romantic” gestures. They could have this same opinion as one of our editors: “I literally cannot think of one pickup line I like. That’s how much I despise them.”

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!