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Valentine’s Day is for Everyone

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples. I believe that over the years, a stereotype has formed around the holiday implying that only couples deserve to celebrate. Also, quite honestly, I believe that for most companies it is a money grab, but that’s besides the point.

In my eyes, I never really cared about formally celebrating until I got into a relationship, but I always enjoyed the holiday especially when I was in elementary school. This is also why I believe that anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day, regardless of relationship status. Picture being back in elementary school on Valentine’s Day: the classroom is decorated in pink and red with hearts all around, and everyone is getting excited to celebrate. You make little mailboxes, and all of your classmates pass you out a card with candy. Then, you celebrate with treats, having the most pure fun. This is a memory I hold dearly because it’s just people enjoying people and everyone appreciating each other. That is what I believe Valentine’s Day is all about.

Growing up, I loved coming home on Valentine’s Day to receive cards from my grandma, flowers and chocolate from my dad, and a small present from my mom. Obviously, these are people who care about and love me deeply, which is why they showed their love for me on this precious holiday. Celebrating the people you care about and love, no matter who they are, is so important. Furthermore, why should Valentine’s Day be a holiday that only couples celebrate?

I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a holiday where I can enjoy the time with my friends and family that I care about. For example, my friends and I took this past Saturday to spend time with each other. We bought food like sushi, cheese, strawberries, and lava cake to eat while watching a movie. It is something that you can do any day of the year, but we specifically planned to do a day like this because of the approaching holiday. This is a memory I’ll forever hold in my heart because it made me realize that the holiday isn’t just about couples. Obviously, I am going to celebrate with my partner because I care about them, but I want to show all the people in my life that I love and care about them, as well.

It’s important to show the people that we care about and have close in our lives that we appreciate them. Taking the time to show every one of our close friends and family members that we truly care is something that everyone should get to celebrate. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that everyone makes a big deal about, particularly if you are in a relationship. This is fine, but being with close friends and family is something that is equally as important and special.

You can go on special dates with your partner any day of the week, but the time with our friends, especially in college, is short. We only get four years of living in close quarters with our best friends, which is why we should take the time out of our busy lives and celebrate the holiday with them whether it’s the day of, day before, or even weekend before. These gestures show that you care about your friends and that they care about you. I will forever cherish the memories I’ve made with my friends, and being able to take time out of our lives to spend time with each other makes each moment more special.