Spring Break Is Upon Us

Luckily, spring break is only half a week away. Throughout this weekend, tens of thousands of college students from the Northeast will begin to make their way to warmer destinations on a shoestring budget. It goes without saying that it will be a week of total shenanigans, hijinks, and total degeneracy. At “The Outlook,” we asked our editorial staff a number of intense and burning questions about their thoughts on the upcoming break. In all honesty, we just hope that none of them end up on the 5 o’clock news.

First, we asked our editors about the length of spring break. Most of our editors gave the same answer—that it was too short. However, they did understand that at Monmouth, there is a trade off between a shorter semester time in total versus longer break lengths. Our editors entirely agreed that they would rather return home earlier in the summer versus having a longer break mid-way through the semester. Some of our editors stated that spring break is the perfect amount of time, saying, “A week is long enough to relax and not think about work, but not too long that you forget everything you learn in class.” Another editor said that they’d rather have a shorter break than more “cram work” at the end of the semester, especially since finals week is already so packed.

Secondly, we asked our editors about their plans for spring break. Six of our editors will be attending the Associated Collegiate Press Journalism Conference in California, an incredibly studious way for them to use their break. After that, two of them will be going home to spend time with family, friends, and partners. They said that they would also be using that time to relax and participate in some much needed self-care.

Another two of our editors stated that they would be staying home for the entire break, in order to “relax” and “play an unhealthy amount of video games.” Our editors explained that spring break is a “much-needed breather from the stress of college life” and that home is the most secure place for them.
Two of our editors stated that they will be going to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the entire week. When asked what they would be doing there, we could not print their entire statement, but they stated that they would be “hitting the beach” and “participating in a liquid diet in order to improve their health.” In other news, we will be taking up a collection for their eventual bail funds.

We also asked our editors about their ideal spring break destination, assuming they had the time and money to do so. One of our editors stated that it was “home,” and that they can “hang out with their friends when they come back to Monmouth.” Another one of our editors stated that she would love to go to Turks and Caicos, when she can eventually afford it. Someone else took this question as an opportunity to rag on New Jersey, stating that “her ideal destination is anywhere that isn’t New Jersey, and other than that I’m not picky.” Two of our editors said that they would want to go to Puerto Rico or Florida, due to the short distance from New Jersey and the warmth. Lastly, someone stated that they would want to go to Europe for spring break— how patriotic of them!

Everyone basically agreed that the week after spring break is an awful time overall. Our editors all said that they spend the week after break rushing through work, writing pages upon pages, and cramming for midterms. They said that the necessity of getting back “to the grind” after a week off is nothing short of daunting. One of our editors complained that they have a midterm on the first Monday after break… hopefully they make it there in one piece.

Finally, we asked our editors about the cost of airline tickets and travel in general, and they all agreed that it’s too expensive. A few of our editors stated that the price of airline tickets prohibits them from traveling on breaks. They also stated that airline tickets are the biggest expense for them when traveling. One of our editors said that they always fly Spirit in order to get the cheapest fare, and that they’d be fine strapped to the wing of the plane if it “meant that I got where I needed to be.” The debate of necessity versus comfort is always on the minds of travelers.

On that note, “The Outlook” wishes you safe travels and fair weather wherever you may end up for spring break. We’ll see you when you get back, for another few weeks of intense and dedicated news before the summer break.