Which main pop girlie are you?

The rise of standout women in pop is before us like we haven’t seen since the 1990s and early 2000s. After a brief pause over the past couple of years, several women have stepped up the plate and achieved icon status, giving us the biggest hits, the hottest looks, and the most entertaining drama. There’s only one thing left to do when faced with this much talent: take a quiz to see which main pop girlie you are, of course.

  1. What singer do you stan?
    a. Lorde
    b. Phoebe Bridgers
    c. Stevie Wonder
    d. Taylor Swift
  2. What’s your go-to movie when you need a pick-me-up?
    a. “Twilight”
    b. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
    c. “Knocked Up”
  3. What’s your favorite food?
    a. Pasta
    b. Cheeseburgers and fries
    c. Pizza
    d. Fajitas
  4. What is your favorite animal?
    a. Sharks
    b. Cats
    c. Whales
    d. Dogs
  5. Choose a drink.
    a. Matcha Latte
    b. French Blonde cocktail
    c. Red Wine
    d. Tea
  6. Which is your favorite hobby?
    a. Reading
    b. Baking
    c. Dancing
    d. Drawing
  7. How would you describe your aesthetic?
    a. Edgy and laidback
    b. Put together and cozy
    c. Confident and chic
    d. Girly and elegant
  8. What’s your favorite color?
    a. Purple
    b. Pink
    c. Blue
    d. Yellow

If you’ve answered:
Mostly A: Olivia Rodrigo
You’re easygoing and fun to be around. You’re a trendsetter, but you also tend to overthink things.

Mostly B: Taylor Swift
You’re not afraid to be a little goofy at times, and people love you for it. You probably own a million and one cardigans and love a good story.

Mostly C: Beyoncé
You’re passionate about your hobbies. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and be bold, leaving everyone waiting for your next move.

Mostly D: Sabrina Carpenter
You’re a very sweet, flirty individual. You love to let your girly side shine through but don’t mind letting go and having some fun every once in a while.