The Monsterverse: a terrifyingly good time

Look, sometimes it’s perfectly fine to switch off your mind and enjoy watching a group of monsters relentlessly pummel each other. The “Godzilla” and “Kong” movies are just some of those movies that are just so fun to watch. The humans are there to move the story along for the real meat of the film, which is the action.

Monsterverse movies seem to have that “Jurassic Park” and “Fast & Furious” factor where the audiences aren’t there for a well-crafted movie and rather just want to see action. These movies aren’t always about complex plots or deep themes; they’re all about letting loose, escaping reality for a bit, and just having a blast watching gigantic monsters duke it out. The magic of Monsterverse movies lies in their ability to thrill and excite the viewer, offering a wild ride of action and spectacle that’s perfect for kicking back and enjoying some popcorn with friends.

If you’re not familiar with the Monsterverse, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

The Monsterverse kicked off in 2014 with the release of “Godzilla,” which reintroduced audiences to the legendary kaiju Godzilla. Following the success of “Godzilla,” Legendary Entertainment decided to expand the Monsterverse by incorporating other famous monsters. In 2017, they released “Kong: Skull Island.” This film introduced audiences to King Kong in a reimagined setting during the Vietnam War era.

The Monsterverse truly began to take shape when Godzilla and King Kong were confirmed to share the same cinematic universe. This paved the way for a crossover event that fans had been eagerly anticipating: “Godzilla vs. Kong.” This film brought the two iconic monsters face-to-face in an epic showdown for the ages. “Godzilla vs. Kong” was a massive success, delighting fans with its thrilling battles and stunning special effects.

Fast forward to last weekend with the release of “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.” Godzilla and Kong work together to fight a threat deep in the hollow earth. I wasn’t expecting the human elements to be intricately plotted, but it’s always a bonus when they bring something engaging to the table, like witty humor or the relationships they have with each other.

Let me paint a picture for you from “Godzilla x Kong: Imagine Godzilla,” one that includes impaling Kong through a pyramid, then following it up with a suplex. Witnessing Kong using a mini-Kong as a makeshift nunchuck is absolutely mind-blowing. That’s the kind of spectacle you can expect from this movie.

There are so many great parts of the film, from the scenes in Egypt to the scenes in Brazil, from the great soundtrack to the great special effects. This film might not cater to everyone’s tastes, but if you’re a fan of action-packed spectacles and love watching monsters go head-to-head in epic battles, it’s worth checking out.