Special Guest Melissa Sherry

Special Guest Visits Monmouth Political Science Class

Students in Professor Reinhart’s Constitutional Law class last Friday, Oct. 21, were fortunate to receive a visit from Melissa Arbus Sherry— a former clerk for the Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, who was hired as Assistant to the Solicitor General of the United States by Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan. Stevens has argued ten cases in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. Reinhart, a lawyer himself, specialist professor, and Director of the Kislack Real Estate Institute at Monmouth, was able to get the high profile lawyer to visit campus.

Rock The Vote

‘Rock the Vote’ at Monmouth

On Sept. 26, Monmouth held the first of its three “Rock the Vote” events in front of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center on campus where students quickly and easily registered to vote in this year’s presidential election while enjoying live music from “Band Not Scared.” The event was hosted by the University’s political science club and was sponsored and received help from the Student Activities Board (SAB) and many other on campus clubs and organizations.