Web Exclusive: No Strings Attached: “Puppeteer” Deserves Your Attention

It seems like “Puppeteer” couldn’t have been released at a worse time. With only a couple of months left before the new consoles release and the highest grossing videogame of all time on shelves, who would give the time of day to a quirky little game from Sony Japan? However, the novelty of running over pedestrians while listening to Queen only lasts so long. In order to fight off the tyranny of boredom, a hero needs to rise from the ashes of the giant that was the last console generation. “Puppeteer” is out there, fighting the good fight, and it is about time that it got the recognition it deserves.


“Massachusetts” Comes to Monmouth

Upon walking in on the “Massachusetts” art exhibit in Joan and Robert Rechnitz Hall, you’ll be greeted by a wide array of art styles. Some paintings are dark and ominous, others are surreal, depicting reality in supernatural ways. Despite differences, each piece invokes you to come closer for further inspection. The exhibit is a combination of works from nine artists in total, each bringing their unique flavor to the Vincent DiMattio Gallery. DiMattio is also a professor of art at the University.