longest ride

Audiences Fell in Love with “The Longest Ride”

If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, get excited for the newest novel-to-movie offering. The Longest Ride opened in theaters on Friday, April 10, and gives Sparks’ fans what they expect from his stories, and much more. The Longest Ride is a story of love, young and old, new and lasting, through cleverly-articulated parallel accounts of two pairs of lovers in different time periods, while they both learn that “Love requires sacrifice….always.”


Look Out For “The Boy Next Door”

It’s a familiar storyline: a one-night stand becomes a dangerous obsession. The most prominent film to feature this plot is Fatal Attraction, the 1987 film starring Michael Douglas about a man that gives into a one-night stand with a woman (Glenn Close) who “will not be ignored.” Hollywood has since then attempted to create successful copycats with a twist. For example, Obsessed in 2009 starred Beyoncé as a cheating wife, but the affair wasn’t actually real—it was a figment of the imagination of Idris Elba’s temp secretary played by Ali Larter. Obsessed did not see the same success as Fatal Attraction, but, then, the characters were not as believable, the acting was not at the same level, and the story was predictable. That hasn’t stopped Hollywood from repeating this story.