Importance Ugly Sweaters

The Importance of Ugly Sweaters

For those who celebrate Christmas, it is a known fact that there are a vast number of people who overdo the decorating aspect of the holiday. For those who purchase an over-the-top Christmas tree to those who simply enjoy their Charlie Brown tree, the spirit of Christmas impacts society in huge ways. The newest phenomenon, however, has been the new love for ugly sweaters, or Christmas sweaters. The true question is, why have they become so popular?

Spending Holidays Two Homes

Spending the Holidays at Two Homes

Around the holidays, the large majority of people on campus are ecstatic to go home and celebrate with their loved ones, whether they live on campus or not. Those on campus do enjoy the time at home more, but either way, the holidays bring joy and comfort to everyone. Although this may be the case to the vast majority, there are a number of those students who find the holidays stressful and difficult.

Ranking Thanksgiving Dinner

Ranking of the Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone loves Thanksgiving. I mean, you see family members who ask a million questions, you are forced to dress nicely in clothing that is itchy and uncomfortable, and you even gain an extra 20 pounds back from the weight you tried so hard to get off. However, the one thing that everyone really looks forward to is the food; the one day a year where you can surround yourself with all you can eat and not feel an ounce of regret. The only problem that arises in the moment that you are allowed to devour everything in sight is what to eat first. There are those who have no order, those who eat their favorite first, and even those who are set on eating everything, beginning with their least favorite and working their way up the list. We all know what our favorites are, but could you list the sweet, mouth-watering goodness from best to worst?

Protein Shakes Please Tastebuds

Protein Shakes to Please your Tastebuds

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best thing you could do for yourself. Especially in a world where society shames those who do not fit into the physical mold the mainstream has created. College students are highly affected by this and by the people surrounding them. Another component to striving to be healthy is just to feel better in your own skin. Some have set out to find tasty, healthy smoothies and protein shakes that everyone can enjoy. Here are some of the results that would benefit everyone!

Distance Relationships

Going the Distance: Relationships From Afar

Everyone knows what it is like to leave the person you love behind when going off to college, whether it is the parent figure in your life, a significant other, your best friends from home, or even just your pet. It is always difficult to say goodbye every time you leave home, but living away is even worse. One of the downsides to living on campus during your college years is not having the people you love most there by your side, but it does not have to be so bad with these few tricks.