Ranking Thanksgiving Dinner

Ranking of the Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone loves Thanksgiving. I mean, you see family members who ask a million questions, you are forced to dress nicely in clothing that is itchy and uncomfortable, and you even gain an extra 20 pounds back from the weight you tried so hard to get off. However, the one thing that everyone really looks forward to is the food; the one day a year where you can surround yourself with all you can eat and not feel an ounce of regret. The only problem that arises in the moment that you are allowed to devour everything in sight is what to eat first. There are those who have no order, those who eat their favorite first, and even those who are set on eating everything, beginning with their least favorite and working their way up the list. We all know what our favorites are, but could you list the sweet, mouth-watering goodness from best to worst?

I believe that, especially when we can select which foods to eat, many of us would prefer to skip the veggies. At the bottom of the list, I would place the greens that every host provides, but usually does not get touched. There are people, like my aunt and uncle, who love their veggies because they are personal trainers, but the vast majority of us would opt to stay clear of the healthy options. This does not mean only greens though. Veggies such as corn, spinach, salad, carrots, and asparagus tend to not be a fan favorite around indulging time. Another food that would find itself towards the bottom of the list would have to be cranberry sauce due to the simple fact that it is out of a can most of the time and it just doesn’t carry the same homemade flavor to it.

The next portion of the ranking would be the bread. From rolls to cornbread, the buttery goodness does melt in our mouths, but it also takes up a lot of room in our stomachs. When having so many different options, filling up on a few pieces of cornbread before diving into your main course is not the most ideal situation. If this happens, how would we be able to hold the rest of our meal?

Approaching the higher mid-section of the list comes the mashed potatoes, the mac-and-cheese, and candied yams. Basically, the sides that no one can get enough of. These additions onto the meal give so much flavor and makes you feel at home. For a college student, that means the world, which is why these flavorful additions are a favorite among everyone in the family, but mostly among those living on campus. They allow you to give your mouth that wonderful sensation, but also not overkill the small amount your stomach can actually hold.

The second most popular item on the list would be the main item on everyone’s plates: turkey. Now, if you are a vegetarian or vegan family, this may be different, but as for those who follow the meat eating path, the turkey is the main objective of every Thanksgiving dinner, except for the top item on the list.

There are those that would disagree with the last statement and say, “actually, the turkey is the TOP item,” but it really isn’t. When approaching Thanksgiving, college students appreciate all parts, mainly because of the fact that everything is homemade most of the time, but what college students and anyone of any age seriously enjoys, has to be the yummy dessert! Pumpkin pie, apple pie, brownies, cookies, pudding, and all the other outstanding choices placed onto the table – those are the top items of Thanksgiving.

Obviously, this list and ranking is not based on every family type; some families eat out on Thanksgiving, some families are vegan or vegetarian, some families base Thanksgiving on their cultures, and some families don’t even celebrate the holiday. Although there are those differences to keep in mind, this ranking of the traditional Thanksgiving Day food will allow those who do celebrate, and celebrate with these foods, to pick and choose what to eat first. Another thing to keep in mind is that this list does vary based on taste buds of the individual who eats the food, but collectively, this is a great way to base your holiday food off of.

PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle