Alexei Navalny Dies in Siberian Penal Colony

Alexei Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition figure, passed away under suspicious circumstances in a Russian penal colony last weekend according to NBC. According to Russian authorities, Navalny “went for a walk after feeling ill.” Navalny rose to prominence as a vocal critic of corruption within the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin’s administration. His anti-corruption […]


Our First 90 Years: Politics

Throughout the 90 years of Monmouth University and “The Outlook,” the world as we know it has become a completely different place. We are more connected than ever. Information can be shared across the world at the click of a button. Since 1933, advances in civil rights have completely changed the opportunities available to Americans. […]


George Santos: Going Out of Style

Representative George Santos (R-NY-3) is expected to be expelled from Congress in the coming weeks, following a scathing 56-page report from the House Ethics Committee. Santos, who has now declined to run for office again, faces a laundry list of actions to answer for, ranging from campaign finance violations, wire fraud, and even sexual misconduct. […]


Birthday Cake Bonfire: President Biden Turns 81

On Nov. 20, President Joe Biden reached the age of 81. He celebrated with a quiet gathering, surrounded by friends and family. Although this news seems relatively insignificant, it marks a significant point as we approach the upcoming national election season: the age of American politicians. It’s not exactly an image of vitality to see […]


Debate Hawks Win Big at Season Opener

At the Missouri State University Debate Tournament last week, the Debate Hawks made a strong outing for their season opener. In the Novice category, Monmouth teams took first, second, fourth, and fifth place spots, with the doubles of Veronica Belloso and Isabella Jennison securing a final round lockout with Jacquelline “Jackie” Tamburrino and Camryn “Cami” […]


Russia Issues Total Ban on Fuel Exports

As the colder months begin in Europe, people and governments alike need combustible fuels such as gasoline and diesel to heat their homes, fuel transportation, and provide positive economic conditions for their nations. Russia, which according to the IEA accounts for 14% of the world’s fuel supply, has issued a “temporary” ban on gasoline and […]