Valentines Day

The Perfect Weapons of Mass Seduction for Valentine’s Day

Think back to around January 5th. It’s only five days into the New Year and you head to your local supermarket to pick up a few essentials. However, when you begin roaming the isles you notice there is a reoccurring color theme taking over the store – pink and red. “What happened to New Years?” is probably what you’re thinking. Well, for your convenience, all of the New Year’s paraphernalia is already located in the clearance aisle and the holiday has only just come and gone.

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Alternative Methods for Conquering Addiction

Conquering Addiction Alternatively

Needles. The pierce of the skin pinches and penetrates the body, often leaving a lingering, sometimes painful, and sometimes euphoric post-effect. While illicit drug users utilize needles as a means to inject harmful substances to their bodies, needles can also be strategically used to holistically cure the body of blocked energies that contribute to addiction.