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Reefer Madness

With marijuana legalized in so many states, nobody pays attention to its use anymore. Are college students better or worse off now?

When we accept a question for the column, we try to answer it. You appreciate there is no ready answer for you, just a lot of research. It is considered an early stage in the American experiment with decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, concede marijuana lawyers. There are definitely people being hurt by the government’s change of strategy in the war on drugs. Let us see who they are.

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Hopeful Hitchhiker

Am I the only one here without a driver’s license? Should I worry and plan to get one this Summer?

When I was a teenager, getting a license was a rite of passage, granting mobility and parental independence. Surprisingly, we found your decision to delay driving is becoming more mainstream. During this decade, the number of young people without a license increased over 50%, according to DriverKnowlege, a driving permit test website.