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Hiding in Plain Sight

Universities are discovering asbestos was used in older buildings. What is the danger to students and faculty?

Parents and students are becoming increasingly concerned about the prevalence of asbestos in schools, especially those built before 1980. According to reports, around half of all schools in the U.S. were constructed from 1950 to 1969, when asbestos materials were widespread in building processes. They are right to be concerned, as asbestos can cause a whole range of diseases, as we are about to find out.

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Cycle Calamity

Bicycles have become a permanent part of campus life. Are colleges doing anything to make cycling safer?

Cycling is a practical and cheap way to get around campus and town. The rise in the popularity of cycling, however, has increased the likelihood of accidents. There are a number of things to be aware of regardless of which college you are attending. If you are riding on two wheels, there is a good chance you will fall off at some stage. Staying safe and being alert to your surroundings is a good start if you want to pedal your way around campus.

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It’s Not My Default

I am ashamed to say I will probably default on my student loan. Is there anything I can do to stop or delay it?

You are not alone in defaulting on a student loan. Reports indicate that almost 11 percent of students are in default this year. The weight of debt is overwhelming, but defaulting will make things worse. A damaged credit score and even deeper debt can be the result, so let us look at your options.

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Let’s Go Clubbing

I was involved with clubs in high school, for fun and socializing. I am thinking ahead about my resume and job hunting. Which are the best groups to join that will help me get a job?

Your question shows that you clearly understand the value of networking for your future. Research studies showed that over 70% of professionals accept a new position with a company where the individual already has a contact. Beyond networking, the experience alone gained from participating in a club, organization or association is educational and valuable.

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Two students had a vicious fight in one of the dorms. I heard no life-threatening injuries. Now what happens, the college gets sued?

The tone of this question reflects a larger theme of our modern society: who pays. Political pundits even attribute this phrase to President Trump’s interpretation of foreign policy. Fortunately, you said there were no life-threatening injuries. Since the incident occurred on campus, the college will likely be named as a defendant. Let us overview how laws and judges determine liability.

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Athletic Abandon

Our fraternity has several athletes on scholarship. If they can no longer play, even with good grades, what happens to my friends?

Your question is touching because you omit the obvious. When you say your friends cannot play for their college teams, you mean they were injured on the field. This is a harsh reality of college sports, which does not offer the same financial compensation or protections of professional sports leagues. There are clearly rules protecting college athletes, but even ObamaCare does not cover medical expenses for many events. We will examine what protections college competitors receive by law, NCAA rule and even goodwill.

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Wheel of Fortune

I will be meeting my new roommate when we arrive at college. My protective parents really want to know more about her. What should we do so everyone feels safe?

Your parents are right to want to know more, and your question is pertinent for most students that will be sharing a room with a stranger for the first time. Leaving home and going to college means that it is highly unlikely you will be lucky enough to be sharing with friends. A little background information on your new roommate would go a long way in easing the minds of both you and your parents.

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Animal House

I am a brother in a popular campus fraternity. I read some disturbing stories in the news. If there is an accident at a frat house, who is legally responsible?

I was a brother at Zeta Beta Tau, so I appreciate the significance of your question. Regardless of intentions, you can be sure an accident will eventually occur at the house. Whether a slip-and-fall or a full-blown, alcohol-fueled incident, it will happen when you place unsupervised teenagers together. I will overview the legal issues and suggest what your fraternity should do to protect itself.

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Read Me My Rights

I believe college students are targeted by police, probably for good reasons. What should I know when dealing with police?

All college students think about this, hopefully few are actually in these situations. It should be no surprise that the leading cause of arrest is drug- and alcohol-related offenses, with over 45K annually on campuses. Here are the rights you should know.

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Healthcare Heist

I have to choose my courses now, because I want to go into healthcare. If they repeal ObamaCare, does the field still have a rosy future?

Answering this question today, requires not a forecast but a crystal ball. Every single person in our country is going to be directly impacted by the government’s decisions. Let us consider healthcare in the USA as a source of employment. Regardless of the government, the best way to have a future in healthcare is technical training. Here is why.