Inmates Hope Students Can Learn from Their Mistakes

Before their presentation, four inmates, dressed in loose-fitting brown prison attire, stared out to an audience of over 400 people on Tuesday, December 4 in Pollak theatre.  Next to them hung a sign that read, “The worst thing that you can do is establish a criminal record.”  For them, it was too late; as a result of a series of events topped with poor decision making, their records are forever blemished. 


Support After Hurricane Sandy

The University’s Counseling and Psychological Services Held a Support Session to Help Students

Anticipating the anxiety of students and faculty after the destruction of super-storm Sandy, the University’s Counseling and Psychological Services held a support session to assist with the transition back to campus.  The session, which was held in Anacon Hall on Tuesday Nov. 13, was led by Counseling and Psychological Services’ Director, Dr. Franca Mancini.


20 Students Aid in Asbury Park Documentary

Long after the Asbury Park night clubs such as Student Prince, Upstage and Cuba’s shut down their businesses many years ago, the memories of what occurred in them have not vanished. Remaining cherished with the musicians and fans who experienced them years ago, the public had the rare opportunity to hear some of those stories during the screening of Asbury Park Musical Memories on October 4 in the Pollak Theatre.


Campus Reacts to Kony 2012

Documentary Focuses on Crimes Committed by African Warlord

In the sweeping landscape of Uganda, a country in Eastern Africa, the hunt for a tyrant in hiding has captured the world’s attention be- cause of a documentary that went vi- ral on March 7. The film, Kony 2012, had over 20 million views in the first 48 hours of its posting; social net- working sites have contributed to the expeditious exposure that the film has received in the first two weeks of its existence.