Kids of Illegal Immigrants: Entitled to Education?

While skimming The New York Times, I came across a very interesting subject: should children of illegal immigrants be entitled to public education? Taking into consideration that elections just took place, I found it to be perfect timing to discuss something a bit more serious. This topic offended me. Having been illegal for more than half the time I have lived in the United States, it hurt me to read that citizens like me are questioning whether my past self should be allowed to have an education.


To Go, or Not to Go to Class? That is the Question

How often do you find yourself sitting in a classroom and thinking, “Wow this is what I woke up for?” Lectures are not always fun, or easy to remain awake through. We’ve all had those classes, mainly electives or graduation requirements, which feel like nothing more than a waste of time, credits, money, and most importantly, sleep. I understand the University has certain requirements a student must fulfill so that he/she is considered well-rounded enough when entering the real world- or at least that’s their excuse for stocking us with unnecessary courses.