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The Importance of Opinion: Monmouth’s Ever-Changing Soundboard

In the earliest versions of “The Outlook,” there was no Opinion section; today, the section is a flourishing staple to the newspaper, popular among writers and readers alike. It’s difficult to envision a time when there wasn’t an established forum for Monmouth’s campus members to share their perspectives and ideas; however, this only underscores how […]


Did High School Prepare Us for College?

High school felt easy to me. All throughout high school, I was a three-sport athlete and maintained a 4.3 weighted grade point average, leaving me with the sense that I would not only adjust well to college but excel. However, there were also activities and routines in and outside of high school that made the […]


Why You Need a Planner

Throughout my school career, having a planner has contributed to my academic success. I have used a planner for as long as I can remember, specifically since I started switching classes in school. Organization is a key skill that I think is important to have especially when it comes to academics, and having a planner […]


Are College Students in Danger of Burnout?

College students face a ton of pressure. Whether you are a student-athlete or someone that is involved in many clubs and extracurriculars, balancing school and the rest of your life can feel extremely stressful.According to the article, “Stress vs. Burnout: Addressing Burnout Among College Students” written by Jerry Kosmin, it states that college burnout develops […]


Why Lying Isn’t Always Bad

Although honesty is something that is highly encouraged and is generally valued, I don’t think it’s always the best policy. Sometimes hearing the truth is a good thing, and being honest can take you far in your friendships, partnerships, and family relations. On the other hand, it can also hurt those relationships. There are certain […]