“Godzilla Minus One”: A Monstrous Success

Emotional. Stimulating. Meaningful. Those three words describe but cannot fully capture the beauty of the film, “Godzilla Minus One,” released as a celebration of the Godzilla franchise’s 70th anniversary. From the adaptation of the original Godzilla story, to the acting which evokes true feelings, to the sound and graphics team using art to absorb the […]

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Dr. Douglas Tallamy Hosts Climate Teach-In in Pollak Theater

Doug Tallamy, Ph.D., Professor of Entomology at the University of Delaware, presented “Fighting Climate Change at Home: Homegrown National Park” at the Climate Teach-In on Tuesday, Jan. 23 in Pollak Theater. Co-sponsored by the Leon Hess Business School and the School of Social Work, the presentation filled up almost every seat in the theater. “Over […]


The Good and Bad of Universal Healthcare

Healthcare professionals, as well as Monmouth University students and professors, analyzed the differences between healthcare in the United States compared to other countries. Many college students feel led astray when it comes to health insurance in America. Estellsy Acuahuitl, a sophomore biology student with a concentration in molecular cell physiology, said, “All over social media […]


The Double-Edged Sword of Healthcare Costs

Increased education on health insurance can allow college students entering the professional world to understand the health benefits offered by hiring businesses, and to make practical decisions in choosing a plan from the marketplace. “The most important thing to explain to young people is how important it is to have health coverage. They need to […]


Are Pre-Health Professionals Prepared to Help You?

Medical students, nursing students, and pre-med students are not receiving adequate education on health insurance, leaving them ill-equipped to navigate the complex system, according to experts in the medical field. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), “Weak health literacy skills are associated with riskier behavior, poorer health, less self-management and more hospitalization and costs. […]