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Ladies Choice

Women’s liberation was before my time. Can I expect now equal treatment in any career I choose?

We selected your question because over half our readers need to learn the answer. However, the focus of the question must be broadened: 1) will you receive equality in every career you choose, and 2) do women choose to go into all careers? Simply, no. Let us explore the problem.

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Binary Blitzkreig

My online accounts and laptop have all been targeted by hackers. It has affected the way I use them. How do I protect myself?

This is a universal question, moreover threat, that people face all over the world. We have a list of fixes for you, but our first response may surprise you.

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Digital Disconnect

Everyone wants a high-paying job with an Internet company. If I am not coding, is marketing the best major to have on my resume?

We chose your question because you only learn the answer with experience. Online marketing was fast becoming one of the pillars of business before you were born. Every student has been a consumer for digital marketing. However, the specific skills sought by online employers are less clear cut than other professional fields. With that in mind, what are you supposed to study to prepare yourself for this industry? Most students agree on this simple answer. Focus on grasping the basics of digital: learn HTML, major in a marketing field, promote yourself on social media, and build your personal brand. These routes are valuable, but one factor is clearly overlooked… creativity!

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Website Wishing Well

I want to start an online business here in college. How can I succeed, when everybody is creating one? There are no statistics gathered on how many students are operating a money-making website. It is a common goal we all seek. Let us focus on the psychology angle. Users should enjoy visiting your website, before […]