A Bittersweet Farewell

I admit it is difficult to put into words the mixed emotions that come with graduating. However, it is with excitement and yet an indescribable amount of sadness that I write my senior goodbye. My undergraduate years at Monmouth University are finally over, and despite the tumultuous journey, I shall always remember it with utter […]


Womanhood and Diversity as Portrayed in Comics

In the last decade, there has been a surge of female representation in the entertainment industry. After public demand, we are finally moving past the white, cisgendered heterosexual damsel in distress on the big screen. Characters like Super Woman and Scarlet Witch add variety to a large pool of male-only superheroes, but still lack ethnic […]


Ukrainian-Russian War on Tik Tok

On a very mundane and ordinary day I decided to take a break and scroll through Tik Tok for fun content. My For You Page, which is personalized and catered to the individual by the algorithm, was full of booktok and gymtok content. Or, it would’ve been, if the Ukrainian and Russian war hadn’t reached […]


The 2022 Oscars Rundown

I think at this point everybody has heard over and over again about the major event of the Oscars this year: the slap. Immediately following the event televised across the world, the internet blew up with videos, opinions, and memes… so many memes, and while we will be talking about the slap there were so […]


The Chris Watts Fever

For anyone who is into true crime or crime drama, Chris Watts is a genre household name.Chris Watts is a convincted murderer native to North Carolina. He killed his pregnant wife Shanann Rzucek, and his two daughters, four year old Bella and three year old Celeste. As a result, he was sentenced to five life […]


The “Don’t Say ‘Gay’” Bill Prompts Workers to Walk Out at Disney

Disney is currently under fire for its quietness and refusal to cooperate with its workers against Florida’s new bill “Don’t Say ‘Gay’.” The “Don’t say ‘Gay’” Bill restricts teachers from teaching their students about “sexual orientation or gender identity” in schools from kindergarten through third grade.Many feel that the bill is a direct attack on […]


Films to Watch Post Black History Month

Although Black History Month is coming to an end, we must continue to push for diversity and inclusion in all fields of the entertainment industry. By sharing some of our favorite films and shows directed by or with a diverse cast we promote values that are invaluable to social progression. Movies and TV Shows are […]


The That Girl Trend on Social Media

Vanessa Tiiu’s “The Ultimate Guide to Being ‘THAT’ Girl” has amassed 3.3 million views on YouTube in less than a year. It was followed by Kaylie Stweart’s “How to become ‘THAT GIRL’ in 2022”, Stephanie Rose’s “My ‘THAT GIRL’ Morning Routine 2022” , Fernanda Ramirez’s “The ULTIMATE GUIDE to becoming THAT girl”, et cetera. It […]