A Blast From the Past

We find comfort in the things that transport us to a time from when we were young. For many of us it is a smell, food, sound, or even a toy from our childhood. The nostalgic moments make us long for those simpler and happier times. Often, we find ourselves wishing we could turn back […]

College Students

College Students: Powered by Caffeiene

Caffeine is no stranger to students at Monmouth University. Dunkin coffee cups can easily be spotted in the hands of several of the University’s students all around campus as they rush to their 8:30 morning classes. From the on-campus coffee shops in Plangere Center to the Rebecca Stafford Student Center, there is no lack of options. Several of us have chugged cans of energy drinks, such as Monster and Red Bull, to stay awake and study during midterms and finals.