Monmouth and Manifestation

When you hear the word, “manifestation,” what comes to mind? Is it crystals? Magic? Genies? Whatever it is that you may think of, manifestation is something that many people use and have successfully seen differences in their lives because of it. In simple terms, manifesting is using techniques and methods to achieve your future desires […]

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Winter Wardrobe Woes

Having a warm, snuggly, wardrobe for winter is important, especially when the days are long and cold. As children, snow days may have been associated with staying home from school and making snowmen and snow angels in the fluffy, fresh-fallen snow. Now, college students must plan for the icy walk to class and, if they […]


Being Your Own Valentine

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the idea of self-care is something that anyone can provide themselves. The holiday is about love after all, even self-love. Whether you are in a relationship, a situation-ship, or living the single life, working on self-care allows you to learn to love yourself and be comfortable with who you are as […]


Shopping Tips for Broke Students

The time has come! The holiday season has already started, and you suddenly remember that you are supposed to be giving everyone gifts. Many people will check their calendars and quickly set into panic shopping mode, but let’s all take a deep breath and avoid buying unnecessary filler presents. Now, it is important to remember […]


Adapting to a Sustainable Mindset

The recent push for sustainability has been noticeable, to say the least. No matter where you come from, you have undoubtedly gotten your plastic, single-use straws from a fast food drive through along with your food wrapped in a similar single-use, thin plastic bag. In fact, the space of single-use plastics in our lives is […]


Holiday Shopping Starts Early in 2021

The holiday season brings many warm memories and traditions. It conjures images of ice skating in Pier Village, getting a nice cup of hot cocoa after class, and spending time with loved ones. The holiday season also round out the fall semester, which always feels like it is going on a little too long. One […]


Tea Culture Around The World

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. The history and culture surrounding tea is so varied and complex it would be near impossible to cover all its preparations and styles. However, this article will attempt to provide a general understanding of some of the most popular tea styles, […]