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Bryce Vine Performs at Monmouth

Bryce Vine at MUThe Student Activities Board and Resident Hall Association partnered to bring artist Bryce Vine to campus on Friday, Sep. 22, t. The concert took place on the residential quad at 7:30 p.m and was free for all Monmouth students.

The concert ended around 9 p.m. with Vine performing an array of his songs including “Guilty Pleasure,” “Sunflower Seeds,” and his newest song “Drew Barrymore” that was released on Sept. 8 this year. The singer is from New York and is climbing his way into the music industry with a hip-hop sound.

Not only did the singer perform for Monmouth students, he also did a meet and greet with a group of them. ten students were given VIP passes to talk and take pictures with Vine in addition to members of the Student Activities Board.

Senior and Novelties Chair of the Student Activities Board, Tianna Fougeray, said, “It was really cool being able to meet Bryce Vine. He was super laidback and chill. All of his songs were really good. He reminds me of Childish Gambino. Students who missed the concert and haven’t checked out his music should because I think his style is very popular with our generation.”

Vine came to Monmouth two years earlier for an event put on by the Student Activities Board and was an act worth bringing back to campus. “We loved having Bryce Vine back on campus Friday night. It was a great night for a concert on the quad. He’s a great performer and the crowd had a blast listening to his music,” said Elysia Whritenour, a senior and President of the Student Activities Board.

Brianna Licciardello, a junior at Monmouth and Vice President of Major and Special Events for the Student Activities Board, was in charge of the event. “The best part of Bryce’s performance was the energy he brought to the stage. I loved how he had the audience laughing in between songs,” she said.

The event also served as part of the SHADOW Program for first-year students at Monmouth which encourages students to get involved and attend events held at Monmouth for the chance to get a free sweatshirt if they complete the challenge. Different events qualify for each letter of SHADOW with the Bryce Vine concert counting as an “O” for organizations and involvement.

Setting up for this event was easier than others as the only preparation that had to be done for setting up the stage was the lights.

Lindsey Smith, Assistant Director of Student Activities and advisor for SAB, said, “The concert was an awesome Friday night event on the quad. Bryce Vine is an artist the students were excited about. The concert’s chair, Brianna Licciardello, SAB, and RHA made sure the students had a great all around experience.”

Make sure you attend their next free event on the residential quad, Beach ‘N Party, this Friday Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. to make beachy Pinterest crafts, enjoy free food, and ride a mechanical shark!

PHOTO COURTESY of Tianna Fougeray