MU Students Meet Greeks
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Monmouth Students Meet the Greeks

Meet the Greeks took place in the Ocean First Bank Center on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

The event started at 9:30 p.m. and ended at 11:00 p.m., serving as a way for students interested in Greek Life at Monmouth to learn more about the organizations on campus and meet some of the members in each organization.

Michele Kaplan, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life, said, “It is always nice to see a big turnout at this event. The fraternity and sorority community continues to grow at Monmouth and this is a great way to introduce students to the different organizations we have on campus. While our community shares the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship, each group has something unique to offer.”

Brothers and sisters proudly wore their letters. Richard Crinigan, a senior and brother of Delta Tau Delta, said, “When I was going out for Greek Life, I was slightly nervous and didn’t know where I wanted to go. But now, being in a fraternity, I have the ability to help kids who are in the same shoes as I was back then through that time.”

Henry Tran, a junior and brother of Sigma Tau Gamma, “When I was a freshmen, I went to Meet the Greeks and was a little intimidated. I saw all these college students in letters and they were so happy talking about why they joined Greek life and I didn’t know if it was real or made up. The truth is as much as organizations may seem larger than life at Meet the Greeks, what they present is real.”

While Meet the Greeks is not a mandatory part of getting involved in the Greek community, it is a great way for students on the fence to get a feel for if Greek Life is for them.

“I went to Meet the Greeks as a freshman and I was so nervous but now seeing it from the other side there’s nothing to be scared of at all because everyone is there for the same reason,” said Caitlyn Brophy, a senior and brother of Alpha Kappa Psi.

“I think it’s a great way to meet brothers and sisters because you can go see everyone and hangout without the stress and formalities of other forms of recruitment, while also getting your name out there,” Brophy continued.

Meet the Greeks is a great first-step in getting involved but students who did not get to attend and are still interested in Greek Life should not stress.

Niki Kuczborski, a senior and sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, said, “I always try to encourage girls to go out for recruitment, even if they’re skeptical. I tell them that’s when you truly get to see all the sisters together and learn even more, and then you’ll know what’s right for you or not. It’s not a big deal at all if you miss Meet the Greeks, recruitment is the most important for finding where you belong!”

Not only did students get to talk with and meet members of different organizations, they also had the opportunity to see certain organizations perform.

“Every year, the men of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc., the ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. and my sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated perform at Meet the Greeks. For my organization, stepping and strolling is an art form used. It is one of our favorite things to do because it makes us unique on campus,” said senior and sister of Alpha Kapa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Alyssa Wilson.

“A lot of people do not understand what it means so they simply talk over it or walk away. The crowd that does interact with us and cheer us on is great and we are glad that people enjoy the rich history that is in our performance,” Wilson added.

Whether students are looking to join a fraternity or sorority, Greeks will agree that Meet the Greeks is the perfect way to get started.

Students who did not get the opportunity to attend the event should look out for brothers and sisters wearing their letters around campus.

“People who didn’t attend meet the Greeks shouldn’t be stressed about it. The organizations are always going to be on campus and often times they’ll tell you who their recruitment chair is. Don’t be afraid of going up to someone in letters and asking them about their organization. We as Greeks pride ourselves in our letters and as much as we’re Greeks, we’re also college students,” said Tran.

IMAGE TAKEN from Alpha Omicron Pi Instagram