Blue Hawk Records Auditions for Fall Release

The fall semester is off to a quick start with the Music Industry II class jumping right into their 11th compilation album.    

A lot of new faces and amazing talent came to Woods theatre on the night of Sept. 20 last week to showcase what musical assets they bring to the table.

The music students are able to get hands on experience with this record label imitation class; each has their own role including A&R, street team, set up, live, publicity and so on.

Once artists are chosen, studio time will be scheduled for our talented musicians.

Followed by this action, the process of promotion, news articles and pop-up shows are all exciting pieces to the puzzle to come together.

The final album release concert will be held sometime in December with a venue still in the works.

Auditions were open to all Monmouth University students of all grade levels and majors for the album.

Excited, anxious, and extremely talented acts practiced in the lobby of Woods Theatre while the auditioners filled a classroom at max capacty in the music school.

Music ranged from soft rock, to acoustic, to funk-rock, to alternative and many more genres that students made their own.

“So far the auditions have impressed me,” said Tyric Williams, a student in the music industry class. “I really liked the last girl who performed, I don’t know her name, but I’m going to find out right now. She had potential. She was dope.”

After a two hour audition set, the class will make a decision for the five finalists.

The chosen artists and bands are still to be determined, but we thank all that came to the audition from the bottom of our hearts! On behalf of Blue Hawk Records, we know this will be a great album.

Be sure to catch Blue Hawk Records on campus or nearby for popup shows, video logs and album release show towards the end of the semester.

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