Senior Goodbye 1
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“I believe that faithfullness to these ideals will help me to live joyously and valiantly.” | Alyssa Tritschler’s Senior Goodbye

“But especially do we thank thee for friends.”

Monmouth University. You have been my home for the past four years, the best four years of my life. You have given me friendship, serenity, sisterhood, love, education, laughter, and so much happiness. From the moment I stepped on to this campus I knew I never wanted to leave. Now that time has come and it’s so hard to say goodbye. Over the years I have formed memories on every corner of this beautiful campus and I can’t help but stop and think about them as I walk towards the fountains, through the tunnel towards the residential side, or glance at Wilson Hall. Attending this school was my dream and to be able to say that I’ve reached it is so bittersweet. From eating Carlos omelets everyday freshmen and sophomore year, to shoving three people into a double room in Redwood 218, to throwing endless pregame parties in The Lawrence House, and getting stung every Thursday night, this is in fact, a goodbye.

MU Faculty Salary 2016

MU Faculty Salaries: Chronicle of Higher-Ed Statistics Reveals Trends

Monmouth University documented an overall revenue of $200,430,546 on a return of organization exempt from income tax form 990 from the dates of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. The document, which is public information, and the most recent return available to The Outlook, contains information regarding the financial breakdown of the university’s spending, including salary expenses, revenue of tuition and fees, and the total expenses of the university.

AST Event
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Alpha Sigma Tau and Sigma Pi Release the Stigma

Members of Greek life and the Monmouth community congregated on The Great Lawn at Woodrow Wilson Hall on Sunday morning, Sept. 20 to release the stigma associated with mental illness. Hosted by Alpha Sigma Tau and Sigma Pi, the Greek life organizations aimed to provide insight to fellow hawks about the dangers of mental illness and what can be done to prevent the act of suicide. 

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Sororities and Fraternities Battle it Out: Greek Week 2015

It’s officially Greek Week, a.k.a. the best time of year for fraternities and sororities. The organizations have the opportunity to show each other what they’ve really got in competitions such as the talent show, field games, trivia test, and penny wars. Even better, Greek Week also means it is formal season. Basically, the best of both worlds combined into one. 

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Greek Responsibility

A video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers singing a racist chant surfaced and immediately went viral, forcing the University to shut the brotherhood down on March 9. The media then uncovered that another fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho, was suspended at Penn State after nude photographs of unconscious women were posted on a private Facebook page.