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Come Perform with CommWorks!

Preform With CommWorksCommWorks is looking for performers!

CommWorks is a self-expression club that is based around performance.

Most students perform poetry, slam poetry, and original pieces, however we encourage students to express themselves through any outlet they are comfortable. For example, a number of members last year sang and danced for performances. We pick a theme each semester and create a performance around that central idea. 

Last year we held a performance called, “This Is Me,” where students sang songs, read poetry, and told stories on having our voices be heard about topics we feel are important in society. Something that makes CommWorks special is that we have written full pieces as a club. For the “This Is Me” performance, the club as a whole wrote a piece about micro aggressions, where we all said a micro aggression we have been called and created a response to it. It was very empowering and beautiful to see the club come together about such a touchy subject.

CommWorks’ mission is to create a safe, positive space where students can come and be themselves while getting performance experience. CommWorks is an academic club based from the Communication Department, so a large part of our mission is to improve our communication skills through these performances as well.

Recently, CommWorks and Monmouth Oral Communication Center (MOCC) have joined forces to achieve this mission. MOCC is another academic Communication Department club, yet their focus is on public speaking and how to help others on their public speaking and interpersonal skills.

Lucky for CommWorks, with MOCC’s expertise on public speaking, there is no doubt in my mind our performances will be perfected. We, as a club, are extremely excited and blessed for the opportunity to work closely with MOCC for the rest of the year.

CommWorks is always looking for people to come and help out. Even if someone has not had any experience performing, that is completely okay!

Although there is no pressure to perform, we do encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new! Usually by the end of the year, people who said they would never get on stage are up their performing! It truly is beautiful watching students grow and develop throughout the year in this club.

As the club’s President, I believe that kindness goes a long way and I hope this club will showcase that throughout our meetings. My goal is for CommWorks to be a safe haven where students can go to relive stress and take a moment to be surrounded by positivity and good vibes. Self-expression is a huge part of self-care, which a lot of college students tend to disregard. CommWorks tries to enforce happiness through the love of performance, communication, and overall want to make our campus a more welcoming place for all students.

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. in Plangere 235!


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