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WMCX Holds its First "Lecture"

WMCX LectureWMCX, the radio station on campus, held its first free classroom concert last Friday, Sept. 21.  The concert featured local bands Beauty, Fake Blood, and latewaves.  After each band’s set, they were interviewed.

Local heroes Deal Casino closed out the show.  Deal Casino will be performing this weekend at the inaugural Sea.Hear.Now. Festival in Asbury Park alongside Incubus, Jack Johnson, The Wailers, and many more.

This concert transformed Plangere Room 235 into an intimate concert venue, complete with a stage and backdrop reminiscent of classic MTV.  The audience was a blend of Monmouth students and local listeners of all ages.

Ali Nugent, a senior communication student and general manager of WMCX, was pleased with how the event turned out. “I think it was really successful,” Nugent said.  “The turnout was great and all the bands told me how much fun they had.”

Nugent personally coordinated the bands and the catering for the event.  Windmill Hotdogs and Nelly’s Pizzeria sponsored the event.

Mason Rogers, bassist and guitarist for Fake Blood, liked the classroom concert idea.  “This was certainly the most unique show Laura and I ever played,” said Rogers.  “I’ve never played anything quite like this.  But, I’d like to thank everyone at the X for letting us play here!”

Molly Fichter, a junior communication student and Production Director for WMCX, worked the entire live broadcast at a table across from the stage.  Her worksite: a switchboard, a plethora of wires, a broadcast cube, and headphones to assure sound quality. 

“This was a lot easier than XFest, and the Executive Board decided this would be better for everyone involved,” said Fichter.  “Better for the bands, the fans, listeners, and all the students who worked it.”

XFest was a two-thirteen hour day festival held last spring that featured 26 bands and interviews.  Molly worked both days at her control center.

Alicia Monus, a sophomore music industry student, asked to interview Deal Casino and was lucky enough to sit down with the guys.  “I joined WMCX last fall and it has been a lot of fun,” said Monus.  “I’ve learned a lot about radio and myself.  There’s also some cool perks; the station had extra concert tickets, so I’m going to see Neck Deep, a sold out show!”

Nugent said the next Concert Classroom in the Lecture Series is “in early November,” and although no artists have been confirmed yet, the “X” E-board is finalizing contracts for the next show.

WMCX meets every Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. in Plangere Hall Room 234.  For further information, contact Ali Nugent or Aaron Furgason, Ph.D.

PHOTO TAKEN by Ray Romanski