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Phi Eta Sigma's First Career Panel Gets the Job Done

Phi Eta Sigma Career PanelPhi Eta Sigma held its first annual chapter career panel led by Mark Marrone, asenior finance student and athe Chapter President, on April 4. Alumni Amanda Kruzynski, Subrina Mahmood, and Aziz Mama all came to give insight on what life is like after Monmouth. Not only are they successful Monmouth alumni, but they are also members of Phi Eta Sigma who were inducted when they were first year students.

This honors society came to Monmouth in 1997 and is a leadership organization based on students’ scholarly performance. In order to be inducted, the student must maintain a 3.5 GPA within the first year of school.

Each of these three honored guests gave a speech about their successes that stemmed from their experiences at Monmouth. Kruzynski spoke first, who graduated from Monmouth in 2014. She told the crowd sitting in Wilson Auditorium that when she in college she did not expect to be doing what she does now.  Kruzynski currently works at a small non-profit as a Program Manager. Her speech was inspiring to all those who are unsure about their future and if they are on the right path or not. Kruzynski left the crowd with some advice: “People say do what makes you happy. If I did that I’d be on the beach with a book. You need to do what motivates you and keeps you going.”

Mama spoke next, who also insisted that he does not currently do what he planned when he was attending Monmouth. Mama graduated in 2013 and is now a Manager overseeing compliance audits. He nudged the crowd to stay excited and stay connected.  Mama focused on keeping a sense of curiosity and persuaded the crowd to keep going by saying that lack of action is worse than anything you could do for yourself.

After Mama, Mahmood took the stage. She graduated Monmouth in 2006, and is currently a Senior Manager of Corporate Finance. Mahmood inspired the crowd to study hard and stay focused on a goal. When she feels too comfortable with a job or that there is no room to learn, she decides it is time for a change. Her persistence was a major theme throughout her speech.

The panelists were then asked questions by the crowd.  They gave advice for job interviews, such as dressing sharp, creating a professional resume, and having lots of questions. When asked what it meant to come back to Monmouth and speak at a panel like this, Mama responded, “It is surreal. It just shows how Monmouth has such a long lasting community that helps you feel connected.”

Golam M. Mathbor, Ph.D., the Faculty Advisor for this leadership organization, inspired the crowd to be open to all opportunities and keep up persistence. He then handed out the Book Prize Award to select juniors and sophomores in Phi Eta Sigma who received this honor.  This panel was extremely motivating for students who wanted a peek into life after graduation, as it is always great to hear from Monmouth alumni. While this is Phi Eta Sigma’s first annual career panel, I have a feeling it won’t be their last.

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