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Benefits of Going Greek

Do you walk around campus seeing Greek symbols printed on students’ shirts or hats? Have you ever considered Greek life? Going to a small school like Monmouth University, it is highly encouraged to get involved in something on campus. The social community of a fraternity or sorority is one that can offer different benefits to diverse groups of students.

The first advantage a Greek member may discuss is the friends and connections they have made by joining their organization; not only do you meet people in your organization but you meet people in others and even form networking connections that can help you with your future.

Going Greek can also encourage you to try new things outside of your comfort zone or even encourage you to study more. Many people do not realize that Greek organizations must consider academics when being on campus and with this, study hours come into play for the members. Not only does joining a club or organization help members with time management skills but it also can allow you to have a study date with some friends or even expose you to upperclassmen that may be willing to help you with your similar majors.

If you go Greek, you are getting involved in one of the best ways on campus. Besides the social aspects of each organization, you are also going to be getting involved in community service. Every organization has a philanthropy which can allow them to give back to the community as well as gain more knowledge on the impact of the philanthropy.

Sophomore anthropology and education student Vanessa Coleman, said joining Greek life has benefitted her by allowing her to become extremely involved in community service. She is apart of Delta Phi Epsilon whose philanthropy is cystic fibrosis. She said, “Our members love getting to raise money and give back to the community and the foundations we support!” Hosting fundraisers or awareness events is not only fun, but a great benefit to the charity as well as your chapter.

Greek life also opens so many doors for the present and the future. Senior psychology student and former president of Alpha Xi Delta at Monmouth University, Emily Curran, not only mentioned the many opportunities she has been given but also joining her organization.

“Being a part of my organization has improved my leadership skills and helped me come out of my shell. Once I found a group of people that I felt completely comfortable around I was able to become more confident and grow as a person. Being president was a challenge, but in the end it was a great learning experience and gave me skills that I am grateful to have for the rest of my life,” said Curran.

This is so important because as students grow older, we are expected to take more responsibilities and carry more roles within our lives. Getting the chance to lead your peers is characteristic and experience that you can carry with you forever. This can definitely be a resume builder too.

Is the fear of the Greek stereotype holding you back? You can try to join and defy that stereotype or even meet people that make that stereotype not evident. If you are still not persuaded to join the Greek community, but still want to be involved, have no fear. Monmouth University is a college that has so many involvement opportunities. Not only can you make a bigger social group while getting an on-campus job, you get paid too.

Monmouth has a large variety of clubs and sports and there can definitely be something for everyone. From Division 1 athletics to intramurals to world language clubs to SGA, the possibilities seem endless.

When talking to Assistant Professor of Spanish Profesora Riordan-Goncalves, she highly encouraged school involvement. She said, “Students that get more involved not only interact more with their fellow peers in the community but also feel more connected to the campus environment.” This is something that is of chief importance to a college student.

So go out, take the chance and get involved. Maybe even be more open to Greek life and step outside of your comfort zone.

Alumni and current members of organizations often say that joining Greek life helped enhance their college experience and it was the best decision they have made, so what are you waiting for?

IMAGE TAKEN from Monmouth University Panhellenic Council Instagram