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"A Farewell to Monmouth University" | Ray Romanski's Senior Goodbye

default article image“And now the time has come,

And so, my love, I must go.

And though I lose a friend,

In the end you will know...

I’ll Follow the Sun.”

With less than two weeks left in this semester, it is finally dawning on me that my time at Monmouth University is coming to a close. Although I’m happy to move on to bigger things, I’m sad to go. A bittersweet paradox.  This you are about to read will act as my farewell to Monmouth. I have a lot of people to thank and a lot to say. So, prepare your tissue box.

On my freshman year move-in day, as my dad and I drove a moving van to campus, he was lecturing with tidbits of wisdom about all aspects of college.  From reminders about my weekly laundry to drinking enough milk, I listened intently, even though this was all second-nature. But, then, a song came over the airwaves: Harry Chapin’s “Cat in the Cradle,” and a silence fell over the both of us. Neither of us spoke; just listened to this song about growing distance between father and son. Ironic timing. We both stifled back our tears. 

First and foremost, Mom and Dad, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me get this far.  From quelling my worries to giving me ample leftovers (They NEVER went to waste), those little acts of love have all contributed to this degree I’m going to receive in a few weeks’ time.  I appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do to help me succeed.  None of this could be possible without you. I have much more to say, but I am restricted to a word count.  For that, I will close by saying I love you.

Story time. In my freshman year history class, I saw this girl give a presentation about feudalism(?), I think. I wasn’t paying attention to what she said, because I was captivated by her beauty. Later that day, I saw her eating alone in the dining hall. So, I decided to embarrass myself and sit next to her. With no clue what I was going to say, she said I could sit with her. I hadn’t thought I’d get that far, ran out of things to say, and left. Didn’t get her number.

Eventually I did get Bianca’s digits, and our first date was oh-so romantic, The Library. I had no money and no car, so this was a goldmine of an idea. For about three and a half hours, she and I walked through the aisles of books and skipped the first date chit-chat, and went straight for discussing big topics; art, war, love, death, World War I, theology.  I found a fellow geek.

Bianca, over these past three years together, we have seen each other grow up. Thank you for being my debate partner, my shoulder to cry on, and my best friend through these trying years.  You are the most compassionate person I’ve ever met and you will amount to great things in nursing school.  Your grit and resolve far outreach mine. Thank you for keeping me sane.

To Anthony, my roommate for freshman and sophomore year, and my first friend at Monmouth. Thank you for being a great guy. You and I have a plethora of memories.  I hope to remain close with you for years to come.

Next, thank you to all of my wonderful professors.  Learning has always been a passion of mine, and you’ve all helped me grow that passion. Professors Novek and Morano, thank you for inspiring me to become a journalist and helping me hone my craft. Professor Taylor, it was an honor working with you as a PLA. To every other professor in Plangere Hall, it was a pleasure to know you all. 

Thank you to Vaune, Kelly, Lynn, and Ruth at Pollak Theatre for allowing me to work with you these past four years. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities you’ve given me. From going to the largest performing arts conference in the world to meeting celebrities like Graham Nash, Southside Johnny, Peter Yarrow, and David Crosby, I will miss this job so, so much. Thank you to my amazing coworkers too.  Gab, Dally, Rachel, Joe, and everyone else.

I’d like give a shout-out to all of the friends I’ve made here. To Mike and Kyle. To the Pinewood Third Floor Squad. Zach, Julian, Max, Josh, Monica and Veronica, Marini, Jason and Matt Aquino. Khristian, Nick, and Billy. Gina. To T. All of my other friends and classmates, I’ll miss every one of you.

Thank you to the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma for giving me group of numbskulls to call home. I never had any intention of joining Greek life, but your values and what you stand for changed my mind. You all are impeccable gentlemen with so much potential.  I’m especially going to miss Henry, Steve, and my little Rogan. I look forward to coming back as an alum and having more memories with you all. 

To everyone involved with WMCX, thank you. You’re all professional students that will be all over the nation with your talent and your passion. I promise to tune in every day and hear you develop.

To The Outlook editorial staff, thank you. This year working with you all has been a great pleasure.  To Evan, Andy, Jenna, and Mark, congrats on graduating. To Bri and Danielle, thanks for your help all year. To Nicole, Nick, and Caroline, you guys are one hell of a team. Keep fighting the good fight. You are much more impressive students and journalists than I will ever be. Next year’s newspaper is going to win all of the awards in California for some real hard-hitting stories.

And lastly, thank you to Monmouth University. This place has been more than a school, but a home to me.  So many aspects of my life have been created from these halls I’ve grown to love. Someone should call security, because I’ll have to be dragged out of here. I will relish every opportunity I get to come back here. This place and everything attached to it will forever be in my heart.

Fly Hawks.

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