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Volume 91 (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

Greek Life Suspended Indefinitely, No Deadline for Proposal

default article imageThe Greek Life Suspension enacted by administrators will continue indefinitely.

This suspension was announced via an email from President Grey Dimenna, Esq. on Sept. 6, following a variety of problems within the Greek community, including low academic performance, hazing allegations, and two fraternities being closed by the University.

President Dimenna and Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement Mary Anne Nagy decided to let the Greek community take control of the reigns by submitting a proposal that would offer “sustained and meaningful” reform within the current operations. 

A rough draft was required by Aug. 15 and the final draft was slated for Oct. 15.  However, there was no draft submitted by Aug. 20 which sparked the initial suspension.

There is now no deadline for the Greeks to submit a proposal.

“I have not seen a proposal yet, neither has the President,” said Nagy.  “I think that’s fine; I want them to take a deep serious look at the root causes of these issues.  If it takes a little longer to really make a good report, we’d rather have it right than have it rushed.”

The three student-run leadership councils overseeing the Greek community are the Inter-Fraternity, Panhellenic, and Greek Senate Councils.  They work in conjunction with the University to govern about 750 students currently involved in Greek life.

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Club and Greek Announcements 10-24-18

default article imagePolitical Science Club

 New Jersey Senators Corey Booker and Bob Menendez will be on campus on Monday, Oct. 29. The Senators will be in the Wilson Hall Auditorium from 1 p.m - 2 p.m. to talk about politics in the state, the upcoming midterm elections, and the importance of getting involved and voting. The event is open to all students on campus who are interested in attending! For more information, please contact the President of the Politi­cal Science Club, Landon Meyers, at s1132749@monmouth. edu.

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Come Get Dirty in the Woods with the Outdoors Club

Outdoors ClubYou wake in the throws of friends’ blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and snores, all packed inside your cozy tent. Tucked under a pine, you can hear the tree’s boughs brush against the wind, threading itself through the swell of leaves.

Someone is making pancakes, attentively tapping each of the six dollops of batter with a spatula, and stacking them on a plate. People slowly pour from the tents and ven­ture toward the smell of food.

After breakfast, you walk a ways down a dirt road, where the swim­ming hole boasts the shimmering reflection of a mid-September sky. Some kids wade in the water, while others spring from rope tied to lean­ing trees at the bank. A few perch at the bank, pressing their bare toes into the sediment.

Later, you’ll all sit around the fire and eat homemade chili, watch the sun melt between the cracks in the forest, listen to the natural hush and the skilled strum of Emerson on guitar. Some venture into the woods with flashlights that dot the path, hollering and laughing; oth­ers squeeze around the fire to sip hot chocolate, toast marshmallows, and play “mafia.”

Finally, in the black hours of the morning, with faces lightly toasted by the fire, everyone crawls into their tent with leaves, dreams, and expectation for tomorrow’s adven­tures swirling above their heads.

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National Transfer Student Week Celebrated on Campus

 default article imageThe University’s transfer stu­dent experience was celebrated on campus with giveaways and informational events for Na­tional Transfer Student Week from Oct. 17-Oct. 19.

Anthony Urmey, Director of Transfer Services, was happy with the success of National Transfer Student Week.

“This awareness campaign aims to recognize the contributions transfers bring to schools across the nation,” said Urmey.

This week of celebration is an annual event that also pro­motes the success of transfer students through a myriad of academic information opportu­nities.

Along with the many re­sources available in the Center for Student Success located in the lower level of the student center, the nearly 1,000 trans­fer students here at Monmouth were introduced to academic information and advisement op­portunities.

On Thursday Oct. 18, Wil­son Hall hosted “Ensuring the Success of Your Transfer Stu­dents,” a panel discussion that shared the best practices on ac­ademic advisement for transfer students.

The panel featured Depart­ment Advising Coordinator of Biology Kathryn Lionetti, Ph.D., Department Advising Coordinator of Health & Physi­cal Education Julie Schaaff, Department Advising Coordi­nator of Communications Lor­na Schmidt, and Coordinator of Transfer and Undeclared Ser­vices Jennifer Shendock.

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Club and Greek Announcements 10-10-18

default article imageStudent-Alumni Association 

The Student-Alumni Association (SAA) serves as an important link between current Monmouth students and University Alumni through a structured format of activities and events. Our goal is to build a network in which current students can reach out to alumni for career opportunities and philanthropy, as well as to continue Monmouth pride both on and off campus.  The SAA holds regular meetings each week and is open to all students.

For more information, please contact Nicholas Coscarelli at s1124349@monmouth.edu.

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Investing In Your Future

Investing FutureThe bell rings and the floor erupts in a frenzy.  This is the view of the New York Stock Exchange. And you can witness this spectacle!

The Economics and Finance Club is a student-run organization focusing on educating students about everything finance!  All majors can join, and there is no cost to participate.

The club meets at least twice a month, and meetings often include presentations from speakers who work in finance.  Past speakers have come from firms such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and many more.

The club also has an annual fall trip. In the past, the Economics and Finance Club has toured the New York Stock Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Federal Reserve Bank (including the gold vault), Museum of American Finance, and more.

This year’s fall trip will be on Nov. 2 to the Federal Reserve and the New York Stock Exchange.  Students will be bussed to New York City and enjoy a day of trading, and might even catch the opening or closing bell. It is free of charge, however, space is limited.  To reserve a spot, contact one of the executive board members or Robert Scott, Ph.D.

Besides its academic and social aspects, the club’s officers offer free tutoring to any student in economics and finance classes.

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New Club Helps Gain Connections in Professional Sports Industry

New Club Sports IndustryThe Sports Studies Club is    the newest Club at Monmouth University, and we hope that it will provide a great benefit to the entire student body. The club plans to give Monmouth University students the ability to gain insight in the highly competitive sports industry.

Formed in the Spring of last year, the main goal of our club is to help sports interested students gain networking connections in professional sports and allow them to garner internships with professional sports organizations in the Tri-State area.

We are proud to announce this upcoming school year we are planning on partnering with organizations and personnel from the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and the Major League Soccer (MLS).

Our specific plans involve having professional sports organizations arrange panels at Monmouth University to speak about their internship programs and plan trips to these sports team’s stadiums for private tours and meetings with front office personnel. Another idea is to set up is a speaker series where we will have sports industry professionals speak at our club meetings to members about their current occupations, how they started their career and if they have any tips for college students who are interested in working in similar sports related fields.

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Club and Greek Announcements 09-26-18

default article imageStudent-Alumni Association 

The Student-Alumni Association (SAA) serves as an important link between current Monmouth students and University Alumni through a structured format of activities and events. Our goal is to build a network in which current students can reach out to alumni for career opportunities and philanthropy, as well as to continue Monmouth pride both on and off campus.  The SAA holds regular meetings each week and is open to all students.

For more information, please contact Nicholas Coscarelli at s1124349@monmouth.edu.

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Hazing Speaker Visits MU

default article imageTravis Apgar, an anti-hazing speaker from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, gave a speech last Thursday night, Sept. 20, to an audience of Greek members. His presentation highlighted the various forms and subsequent risks of hazing practices seen in colleges nationwide.

As a consequence of the Greek Life suspension enacted on Sept. 6 by the University, every Greek letter organization was mandated to send 50 percent of its members to this event.  Numerous fraternities and sororities did not meet the required percentage, according to the Office of Student Activities.

Many audience members were not engaged; many were focused on their cell phones, others were doing homework, and some were asleep in their seats.

Apgar, a former Dean of Students at Cornell University, has toured the nation for over 15 years giving hundreds of college campuses with the same warning: Hazing is immensely dangerous. 

“We get mixed messages from media, sports teams, movies about expecting to be hazed when joining Greek Life,” said Apgar. “Hazing doesn’t only happen in Greek systems, but in honor societies, high school and college sports, marching bands, and more.  However, the most student deaths are from fraternity hazing incidents.”

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WMCX Holds its First "Lecture"

WMCX LectureWMCX, the radio station on campus, held its first free classroom concert last Friday, Sept. 21.  The concert featured local bands Beauty, Fake Blood, and latewaves.  After each band’s set, they were interviewed.

Local heroes Deal Casino closed out the show.  Deal Casino will be performing this weekend at the inaugural Sea.Hear.Now. Festival in Asbury Park alongside Incubus, Jack Johnson, The Wailers, and many more.

This concert transformed Plangere Room 235 into an intimate concert venue, complete with a stage and backdrop reminiscent of classic MTV.  The audience was a blend of Monmouth students and local listeners of all ages.

Ali Nugent, a senior communication student and general manager of WMCX, was pleased with how the event turned out. “I think it was really successful,” Nugent said.  “The turnout was great and all the bands told me how much fun they had.”

Nugent personally coordinated the bands and the catering for the event.  Windmill Hotdogs and Nelly’s Pizzeria sponsored the event.

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HAWCS Fly Together

Hawks Fly TogetherThe Human-Animal Wellness Collaboratory (HAWC) is a non-profit research organization within the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University. We are a research lab from the Department of Psychology.  Although we are not a club per se, we are still invested in helping students discover passions for the welfare of animals.

We conduct both in-house research evaluating training, enrichment, and the humane use of animals in teaching as well as with off-site at collaborating animal shelters and zoological facilities. 

We are also involved in community outreach initiatives that aim to improve the well-being of both animals and the people that care for them.

 Some of our current research projects that we’re currently working on include: working in shelters to study the welfare of shelter dogs and working at Six Flags to study baboon and sea lion behavior and cognition. 

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