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Verge RebornThis year, The Verge will be assuming a new role in media and news reporting. In past years, it has been used as an online news portal. This served a valuable purpose; however, the organization will be revamping and restructuring its objectives and goals going forward. The Verge will be expanding its function to encompass a wide range of media content. It will now be utilized as an online multimedia magazine with various features beyond just writing.

The Verge is co-advised by Marina Vujnovic, Ph.D. and Professor of Journalism, who explained the changes being implemented within the organization. Vujnovic said, “Rather than accepting magazine staple stories, the concept is to make a multimedia magazine that would explore one relevant issue per semester. Contributions would be on the issue ranging from a typical magazine story to podcasts, videos, games, animation, and other types of multimedia.”

The implementation of multimedia into the publication will be aided by the expertise of co-advisor Dickie Cox, Professor of Communication, who teaches courses in interactive and digital media both at the undergraduate level and within the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) graduate program.

The Verge is currently a small working group of about five members working collectively on the theme of “rebirth,” to coincide with the revival of the organization. This effort will be a semester-long publication, with themes changing each semester. Weekly meetings function similarly to a newsroom, with participating members collaborating on this theme throughout the semester. Objectives for each meeting include brainstorming and developing ideas and stories pertaining to the theme, conducting research, cultivating content, and producing a cohesive issue to be published toward the end of the semester.

The Verge welcomes content contributors from all fields of study, including (but not limited to) Graphic Design, Art, Animation, Communication, English, history, political science, and more. As the potential themes are wide-ranging, we value a diverse array of voices on key issues. Individual perspectives on student life and the issues impacting Monmouth University are encouraged and welcomed. Participating members will gain skills in collaboration, digital media, audio and video production, writing, content-production, and developing ideas in a newsroom-like setting.

Previously, The Verge was based out of Plangere 206. Now, with the intention of expanding its multimedia purposes, it will be based out of Plangere 135, the newly renovated IDM lab. This is where the weekly meetings will take place, each Wednesday at 3 p.m. JP135 may also be utilized by members to work both independently and collectively on The Verge outside of scheduled meetings.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Editor-in-Chief Regina Higgins, at s1112202@monmouth.edu, or attend a weekly meeting, for more information.

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