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“You got me Love Struck, Baby!”

Alpha Sigma Tau (AST) hosted Love Struck, their annual Greek event, on Wednesday, April 17 at 10 pm in Anacon Hall. Approximately 200 students attended the event, helping to raise over $1,500 for the sorority’s national service project, Habitat for Humanity.

The premise of Love Struck was similar to a dating game show, where a bachelor or bachelorette had to pick a date without being able to see the other contestants. At the event, one bachelor and one bachelorette were set up with a group of five contestants that were hidden behind a curtain.

The bachelor or bachelorette were then able to ask the contestants multiple questions and eliminate whichever ones they didn’t want, all without being able to see them. At the end of the “game,” the bachelor and bachelorette were each left with one contestant who won a date with them.

The audience laughed along with the bachelor and bachelorette when they asked the contestants questions such as, “If you were a kitchen appliance which one would you be?” Or the classic, “If you were trapped on a desert island and could only bring three things, what would they be?”

Love Struck lasted six rounds; three for the bachelor and three for the bachelorette. Contestants were eliminated after each round. The winners of the game were given a basket with popcorn, candy, and a gift card to the movies. Halfway through the event, there was a raffle drawing for door prizes, which included $15 gift certificates to Scala’s and Jr’s.

Joseph Santini, a junior accounting major, was the bachelor of the night, who won a date with Kelly Chapman, a senior graphic design major. “I had a great time doing Love Struck,” said Santini. “I think the event went without a hitch. I was very happy to get matched up with Kelly Chapman, and I hope the other contestants had a good time as well.”

“I thought it was a lot fun,” said Chapman. “The contestants were all really funny and had a good answer for everything. It’s not only great entertainment for the audience, but for the contestants as well. We all were having a great time, and overall the event went really well and smoothly.”

When asked about her experience of winning the event, Chapman responded, “Winning was great! Santini was such a sweetheart and a gentleman. We got a bunch of candy and gift certificate to the movies.”

The bachelorette of the night was Jen Stotle, who picked Kyle Hasslinger has her date.

Douglas Stives, AST’s faculty advisor, has attended Love Struck a number of times and said that the turnout this year was great and more than expected. “It was wonderful to see fraternity and sorority members and their friends having a good time without liquor,” Stives said.

According to Stives, the event is designed to share an hour of good-spirited fun with some friendly competition for the University community. “No one falls asleep at Love Struck,” said Stives. “It is not like sitting through a dull class.”

Lena Suarez, a junior social work major and member of AST, was very pleased with the way the event turned out this year. “Our Event Chair, Jessica Stern, did a wonderful job getting the entire event together,” she said. “We were able to raise more money than last year and we would not have been able to carry out our event without the support of our fellow Greeks and Monmouth community as a whole. We thank everyone once again and look forward to our event next fall.”

Suarez was proud of her sorority’s efforts to help Habitat for Humanity. According to, AST’s official website, the sorority partnered with Habitat for Humanity in 2004. Since then, they have been working together to help people in need. AST hosts events in recognition of their national philanthropy each semester, but, according to Suarez, Love Struck tends to raise the most money.


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