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Volume 85 (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)

“Jump Around! Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down!”

Over 150 students celebrated the conclusion of “Welcome Week” with the Student Activities Board (SAB) at its annual “Monmouth Palooza” on Saturday, September 7 in the Residential Quad.

“Monmouth Palooza” included Vertical Reality inflatable trampolines and a Foto Fun Strips photo booth provided by Party Perfect Rentals, inflatable furniture that students used to lounge in, beach balls, electro-club dance music remixed by DJ Mike Gloria, and a wide assortment of food provided by Aramark.

Victoria Day, Awareness Chair of SAB and junior public relations major, explained how the event was free and open to everyone. “This event helps bring out a sense of community at the University in a fun and interactive setting,” said Day. “Events like this give students a feeling of warmth and it is extremely inviting, especially to the freshman who feel like they don’t quite belong at first.”

Jacklyn Griffith, freshman social work major, said that she became aware of “Monmouth Palooza” through both the event calendar and SAB’s Facebook page. “Being a freshman is awkward at times because you barely know anyone,” said Griffith, “but this event definitely gave me a chance to socialize and meet new people.”

“Monmouth Palooza” appealed to many undergraduate students that reside in dorm buildings in close proximity to the event. “I am extremely happy that I came and I will definitely be attending more SAB events, especially ones with more inflatable trampolines,” giggled Griffith.

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Greek Convocation Covers Goals for the School Year

A convocation of executive leaders for Greek life at the University discussed the goals of a “Greekend” and future colonization of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity on Wednesday, September 9.

Awards of excellence were also distributed.

Chris Mannon, Greek Senate President and brother of Phi Kappa Psi, opened the ceremony.

“I have had the opportunity to realize that we have the potential to be much greater than we are currently.  We can only achieve that potential by working together towards common goals.  Goals that we determine for ourselves that will provide us the opportunity to leave our campus better than it was when we first arrived. This year I will be looking for all of your help to create these goals and help our community realize them throughout the year,” said Mannon.

Mannon shared his goal of creating the first ever “Greekend”, which is a series of events, activities, and programs that will celebrate the shared values of the entire Greek life community.

“Greekend” will include a dinner for outstanding scholars, a bowling event, The Big Event, and a motivational speaker for the entire community.

Expansion of Greek life at the University was also stressed by Mannon. He welcomed the decision of the Interfraternity Council (IFC), the member council for all of the male Greek organizations at the University, to colonize Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at the University for the 2013-2014 school year. The IFC wanted to improve the community by providing more options for students to choose from when deciding which fraternity seemed the best fit.

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