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Volume 85 (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)

“Active Minds” Promotes Mental Health Awareness

Active Minds, a national organization that seeks to promote mental health awareness, is in the process of becoming a University campus chapter. The initiative began as part of Promoting Wellness and Resiliency, a campus-specific mental health awareness and suicide prevention endeavor that started just over a year ago as the result of a federal grant for $300,000.

The Active Minds organization currently has over 400 chapters nationwide and has spread to Canada. The University is the most recent affiliate-in-progress, followed by the University of Massachusetts. Ten other universities in New Jersey also have Active Minds chapters. Among them are Georgian Court, Montclair State, and Ramapo.

Active Minds President Jessica Ketch chose to get involved with Active Minds because she believes this group will help break the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. This psychology and sociology double major recognizes mental health as a prevalent issue on college campuses, often due to the transition from high school to college.

According to records kept by the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services, approximately 70 percent of students at Monmouth struggle with anxiety, while 46 percent struggle with depression.

The University’s Active Minds chapter, in partnership with Promoting Wellness and Resiliency, aims to alleviate mental health issues like depression and anxiety by creating a competent community. 

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Catholic Campus Ministry Appoints New Chaplain

The Campus Catholic Ministry welcomes Father Richard Tomlinson as their new chaplain. Tomlinson will serve as the religious leader of the campus Catholic community and its weekly masses, and is a spiritual link between God and college students, faculty, and employees.

“I want to help people experience the spiritualty of church and assist them in the search for their spiritual values,” said Tomlinson. “I want these people to experience the richness of the Catholic tradition and make it meaningful today while still embracing the college culture.”

Tomlinson was appointed to the position by Bishop David O’Connell of the Trenton diocese in mid-September, replacing Father William Lago after he was moved and named pastor of two local parishes.

Vice President of the Catholic Center Eryn Siddall said, “Father Bill was an excellent priest who was very involved with our group and he is greatly missed, but I’m sure everyone can agree that Father Tomlison is doing a great job so far.”

Tomlinson was relocated from his church in SC where he has been for four years celebrating mass in both English and Latin. “The catholic identity is much stronger in NJ than it is in SC. Fifty percent of people consider them Catholics here, whereas only five percent are Catholics in SC. Baptists are much stronger there, so it is definitely a different cultural atmosphere,” said Tomlinson.

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Club and Greek Announcements 11/13/13

Social Work Society

Social Work Society will be starting the election process for the executive board for the 2014-2015 school year shortly. If you are interested in being part of the executive board, please come to our meeting on Nov. 6 at 3:30 pm. The location is yet to be determined. All social work majors will receive an email from our secretary with location information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tess La Fera, Social Work Society President, at

Monmouth Oral Communication Center

Monmouth Oral Communication Center (MOCC) is now open for business! Are you dreading an upcoming presentation? Uncomfortable with public speaking? MOCC offers peer to peer tutoring every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the first year advising offices in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. MOCC also meets every Wednesday at 2:30 pm in Plangere 135.

Residence Hall Association

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, RHA will be hosting Town Hall at 8 pm in the Mullaney Hall First Floor Lounge. This is an opportunity for resident students to voice their concerns as well as say what they love about their residence halls. Also, join RHA for Popcorn and Pancakes at the 8 pm Oakwood movie showing of Kick-Ass 2 on Saturday, Nov. 16. We will be making delicious chocolate chip, pumpkin and plain pancakes before and during the movie!

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STG Chows Down

Sigma Tau Gamma (STG) hosted their “Chow Down” sub eating contest between different fraternities and sororities in Pollak Theatre on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 10 pm. The event raised approximately $700 for STG’s philanthropy, the Michael McNeil Foundation.

Two separate contests were held, one being for the sororities, where Alpha Xi Delta (AXD) came out victorious and one being for the fraternities, where the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) were crowned winners.

Jersey Mikes donated 300 individually sliced subs to STG for their event.

The sorority contest was first, and the participants were given 30 subs to eat in 10 minutes. Jackie Leming of AXD took the title for eating the most subs in the allocated time frame.

After winning the contest, Leming said, “It was so much fun participating in this event. I still can’t believe I won an eating contest and still felt fine after eating nine subs!” Leming took home a $15 gift card to Bagel Guys Deli and a $10 gift card to T.G.I. Fridays.

The fraternities lined up once the sororities exited the stage of Pollak. They were also handed 30 subs and only 10 minutes to eat them. Joseph D’Amaco, brother of TKE, devoured eleven subs. He won a $20 gift card to Bubbakoos Burritos and $10 to T.G.I. Fridays like Leming.

At the end of the contest brothers of STG gave out a prize to the audience, which was another gift card to T.G.I. Fridays.

According to STG President Pat Swisher, “This was a new event that we had never done before.  We were very happy with the turnout for our new event and many of the organizations came out to support us.”

Swisher explained the money that was raised from “Chow Down” would be donated to the Michael McNeil Foundation. McNeil was a brother of STG who died in 2009 at the age of 27 from cancer.

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ZTA “Pink-nic” in the Quad

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sorority hosted “Pink-nic,” an event honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month with activities and games, in the Residential Quad on Tuesday, Oct. 29 from 3 – 7 pm.

Students were encouraged to attend and play sports such as volleyball, soccer, and Frisbee. In addition, there was also a “Shoot for a Cure” station in which participants would take a ping pong ball and shoot it into a bra cup. There was also a kissing booth station where students filled out a sheet of paper and cut out lips with someone’s name on it. It was then taped onto a large board in the shape of the large breast cancer ribbon. The finished ribbon will be hung up in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center in the near future.

Hannah Najafi, freshman accounting major, attended the event and said, “I enjoyed ‘Pink-nic’ because it was all for a good cause. It was nice hearing of people’s stories and the difference it made in everyone’s lives.”

Najafi bought pink hair extensions and a pin that said, “I wear pink in honor of…” to honor her boyfriend’s mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The “Pink-nic” was coordinated by Erin Ally, Director of Philanthropy for ZTA. She, along with sorority sisters, were responsible for organizing the details of the event which included decorations and setting up each station.

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Alpha Sigma Tau is Smarter Than a Fraternity Man

Approximately 200 students came to see if sorority sisters were smarter than fraternity brothers at Alpha Sigma Tau’s (AST) event, “Are you Smarter than a Fraternity Man?” Over $1,300 was raised for the sorority’s philanthropy, The Ashley Lauren Cancer Foundation, on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 10 pm in Pollak Theatre.

AST President Jenna Ferraro said the event has the same concept of the popular game show, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” but with a bit of a Monmouth twist. The categories for the event included Monmouth University history, Fraternity and Sorority history, Greek Life, and Music.

The game show lasted four rounds and in each subsequent round the questions increased in difficulty.

The event was suggested to the sisters of AST by another chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU). The sisters of the AST chapter at FDU were in attendance in support of the event. The University’s chapter of AST sorority sisters were victorious in the event and proved they were “smarter than a fraternity man” in their first fall event of the semester.

Michael Migliaro, senior communication major and brother of Phi Kappa Psi, said, “I have participated in a few Greek events, but nothing crazy, like this.” When asked what he meant by “crazy,” Migliaro explained, “It was more of a team effort, not a single man out there… I felt like I was going to have to perform by myself out there, but knowing that the other fraternities were there it got a bit easier and more fun for me.”

Most Greek events are competition based and consist of individual acts or performances, whereas this event was a group effort. The groups were able to congregate after each question to come to a conclusion of an answer, which changed the dynamics of the “traditional” Greek event.

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Kappa Delta Pi Presents at 49th Biennial Convocation

The University’s Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) chapter attended and presented at KDP’s 49th Biennial Convocation in Dallas, Texas from Oct. 24 – Oct. 28 to learn more about KDP, becoming a leader in education, and teaching.

According to, “Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, founded by Dr. William Bagley in 1911 at the University of Illinois, was established to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching.” KDP provides a reasoned voice for significant issues and links learning communities of educators.

The University’s KDP executive board members Drew Corrigan, Britt Henricksen, Rachel Armstrong, and Kelleen Coulson presented “Calling All Learners: Centers as a Tool for Learning” on Friday, Oct. 25, from 1:15 – 2:05 pm. The presentation was designed for students studying K – 12 education, and encompassed the subject matters of physical education, music, mathematics, social studies, and language arts.

Drew Corrigan, junior health and education major, said, “Honestly, we didn’t think we would have more than ten people in the room. We wound up having close to 40 people in the room and had people standing because we ran out of seats. There were people from all over the United States in the room, including a few international members of KDP. The reception after our presentation was amazing with several people saying that we had the best presentation that they saw the whole Convocation.”

The presentation stressed that creating cooperative centers in the classroom can help accomplish the goals of planning for differentiated instruction. The presentation was interactive in nature. 

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Club and Greek Announcements 11/06/13

Running Club

Monmouth Running Club is expanding to also now be the Monmouth Track & Field and Cross Country Club. Those who are interested in training as part of the club for competitions during the year should contact Club Advisor and Head Coach Joe Compagni or any of the assistant coaches in person in the Athletic Department.

Social Work Society

Social Work Society will be starting the election process for the executive board for the 2014-2015 school year shortly. If you are interested in being part of the executive board, please come to our meeting on Nov. 6 at 3:30 pm. The location is yet to be determined. All social work majors will receive an email from our secretary with location information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tess La Fera, Social Work Society President, at


“The X” 88.9 FM is celebrating its 40th anniversary May 1 - May 2, 2014. If you have any questions, contact Aaron Furgason, advisor of WMCX, at or log on to for more information.

Pep Band

The Pep Band is looking for additional members in all  instrunmental sections.

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The Social Work Society Hosts 9th Annual Teach-In

The Social Work Society and the School of Social Work hosted their 9th Annual Teach-In on Oct. 29 for the one year anniversary date of Superstorm Sandy. The event started nine years ago as a response to Hurricane Katrina and other disasters that had happened around the same time both in our nation and around the world.

The event takes place ever year with presentations surrounding various topics. The Teach-In is intended to mirror 1970s sit-ins in which presenters sought to educate their communities about important topics pervading the social strata. Presenters at the 9th Annual Teach-In spoke mostly about their work in the local area after the devastation of Superstorm Sandy last year.

Meredith Fleece, senior social work major, said, “I think the biggest takeaway for me was the many different roles that are needed during a disaster event. There are so many people and organizations that came forward in order to help with relief efforts and each one plays a vital role in the recovery process.”

This year, the Society’s purpose in hosting the Teach-In was to explore the impact of natural disasters on social justice, to define and explain why minority groups are often the “forgotten victims” of natural disasters, and to inspire people of all backgrounds to mobilize and help in any way possible.

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New Video Game Interest Group Created at University

gamersYou’ve just had a long week of midterm exams, papers, and assignments and have been looking for some serious downtime when you walk into the student center and see a bunch of your friends hanging out, relaxing, and engaging in an all-out video game competition.

MU Gamers United, a new interest group on campus, was created this semester to bring all University gamers together as a group of friends committed to playing games, going on trips, and getting more involved with the University community, senior anthropology major and creator Andrew Colucci explained.

According to their Facebook page, MU Gamers United are a “bunch of video game enthusiasts, card players, and strategy game lovers who have banded together and are taking over campus, one gaming tournament at a time.”

In only their second month of existence, they have amassed over 50 people in their Facebook group and have about 35 members who regularly attend meetings.

“Over the summer [as a freshman orientation leader], I met all 905 of the freshman and quite a few of them were interested in starting a video game club and played video games, board games, and card games. They were always wondering if there was some sort of club or organization on campus that adhered to their interests,” Colucci said.

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“Love the Skin You’re in”

Students of the University gathered to attend Delta Phi Epsilon’s free annual National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) vigil in Anacon Auditorium on Tuesday night, Oct. 22, at 7:30 pm.

ANAD is one of Delta Phi Epsilon’s national philanthropies. Each year, the sorority hosts an ANAD vigil where guest speakers come to share stories about their experiences with anorexia nervosa and raise awareness about the illness. This year’s vigil featured four speakers.

As the vigil began, the crowd was informed that anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses. Twenty percent of people who suffer from anorexia die due to issues related to the disorder, such as heart complications.

The first speaker was Kristi Hunt, senior music major. Hunt’s battle with the disorder began at a very young age and escalated from there. “Eating disorders are 100 percent psychological. The weight loss, restricting, and purging are all symptoms of the deep torture going on in the person’s mind,” Hunt explained.

“It is a voice that is constantly telling you that you are not good enough and are worthless, but everyone is capable of finding the inner strength to shut that voice up,” she added. Hunt is now in recovery.

Kelly Chapman, junior graphic design major, was another individual who decided to come forward and share her story at the vigil. Like Hunt, Chapman’s struggle also began at a young age and reached its climax during her early college years. “For me, my biggest thing is not waiting too long before getting help. People should not have to reach rock bottom like we [the speakers] have. No one should ever have to wait until they’re at the point of entering a hospital,” said Chapman. 

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