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Meet the Greeks Reals in a Crowd

Meet Greeks 2016

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Monmouth held its semi-annual Meet the Greeks in the Multipurpose Activities Center.

Second semester freshman and the rest of the student body who are interested in becoming a member of a Greek organization on campus are all encouraged to attend this opportunity. Essentially, Meet the Greeks is when all of the Social, Professional, and Multi-Cultural Greek organizations gather together to encourage non-affiliated students to become members of Greek life.

At the event, each fraternity and sorority is able to bring 10 members of their respected organization to speak with students who are interested in who they are, what their organization brings on a national level as well as to the Monmouth community, and any other questions that a potential new member may have. Organizations can be as creative as they want when it comes to their table that they are allowed to have, many bringing wooden decorated letters in Greek, apparel that states the name of the organization, pictures, and different awards that the chapters received from the past years they have been on campus.

“I feel that Meet the Greeks benefits those going out for a Greek organization because it gives them the chance to be able to meet every organization at the same time and learn more about how Greek life has an impact on the school as a whole through their accomplishments and population,” said Matt Sheehan, brother and President of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

At Monmouth, there are seven Social Fraternities, six Social Sororities, one Professional Business fraternity and three Multi-Cultural Organizations.

Welcoming everyone at the doors were women who hold the title of “Recruitment Counselors”. A Recruitment Counselor’s main priority is to serve as a mentor to students that are interested in Greek Life. Each recruitment counselor is in charge of a group of women who they lead through the recruitment process while lending a helping hand to those struggling to make their decision. Recruitment counselors are temporarily disaffiliated from their organization in order to keep the process unbiased.

“It’s [Meet the Greeks] a great way for anyone who is interested to come out and get a chance to meet every organization, especially because they might not have gotten a chance to meet every organization throughout the last semester. Meet the Greeks is also a great way for those interested to see what each organization is about; to learn more about their philanthropies, community service experiences, and the important values that each organization holds dear to their hearts,” said Haley Connell, sister of Alpha Xi Delta and Vice President of Programming for the Panhellenic Council.

Photo Courtesy of Tommy Foye