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MU Surf Club Greets Jonas With a Warm Welcome

Sunday January 12, 2016. New Jersey was supplied with some of the best waves it has seen in almost a year. ‘The best waves’ do not necessarily mean the surfers were dealt a favorable hand.Until this past weekend, winter’s icy embrace had not been felt. NJ had enjoyed balmy weather and warm water temperatures from fall until the early stages of the winter season. However, Jonas sought to destroy these advantageous conditions. Not Nick, Joe or even Kevin; no this was Winter Storm Jonas and he had it out for the entire east coast. 

From impassable roadways to 40 mile per hour winds, surfers agonized over spot checks, wind analysis and most importantly barrel deprivation (a sickness that if not cured could result in time off from school and/or work).

With much uncertainty, the first step was to get to the beach. Monmouth surfers saw no better place to call “home-base” than Zack Karvelas’ apartment.

“My car happened to be trapped by snow, so for the session on Sunday we stayed with our friends Zack and Huascar (who live two feet from the beach),” said junior surf club president Tyler Sankey. 

Zack Karvelas and Huascar Holguin, both juniors at Monmouth, live in a conveniently placed apartment by one of the best surf spots in the area.

“This Sunday I opened my home to my friends and fellow surf team. Since I know most of the guys it’s always fun having them come over but even better when it’s before they go surfing. They get so amped and have so much fun waiting for the best time to go out,” said Karvelas.

Sankey showed up with his microwave dinner, sophomore Paul Kelly came in and out with surf reports, and junior John Musial fell into a snow-filled hole tracking his wet clothes into the apartment.

“They’re my boys… of course they can be annoying, but I love them anyways and would offer up my house anytime,” Karvelas said of hosting for the day.

What felt like forever for Karvelas only took until about 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.The tide had dropped and started to fill in once more, the wind had shifted completely offshore, and Jonas was still sending overhead waves at the beach.

“All the guys were out and everyone was charging catching some of the best waves we’ve had in a while. It was cold but it was definitely a session for the books,” said Sankey.

Once it was time to surf, the MU surfers were immediately in the water. 

“Probably some of the biggest surf we’ve had in a while and all of the MU surf guys were out there. It was awesome,” Kelly said. “Most people look at us as crazy when we are walking out in the water with snow on the beach but for us that just makes it that much better.”

With an almost immaculate session in the books for the MU Surf Club, Sankey is already making plans for the club’s progression throughout the spring semester.

“We still have our video viewing party and we are planning an upcoming polar plunge. We will continue doing beach cleanups, and of course surfing. We are also going to be posting more videos so stay tuned,” Sankey concluded.

You can follow MU Surf Club’s journey on Instagram @mu_surf or on Twitter @mu_surfclub.

Photo Courtesy of Fiona Mullen